5 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

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5 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

College Textbooks

According to the College Board, the official budget for college students was approximately $1,240 to $1,460 for books during the 2020-21 educational year. Many students skip their courses and even meals to afford textbooks. Research has also shown that 72% of students rely on financial aid to buy their books.

Heavy textbooks, generally used to teach subjects like mathematics, science, and history, are more expensive as compared to literature subjects. But, still, no matter what your field of study is, you can use some tips and tricks to save money for college books.

Families need to plan educational expenses for their kids in advance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the last ten years textbooks inflation has been about 5.3% per year.

According to the $1,300 figure from the College Board, parents need to be prepared to pay approximately $3,100 per year for their child's college textbooks and the cost of books for high school students will be around $1,600.

Research is indicating an alarming situation as the cost of textbooks is increasing rapidly making it very difficult for parents and students to meet the expenses.

Many students rely on financial aid to meet their educational expenses. The eligibility criteria for financial aid is that it covers the cost of attendance for the student. If the cost of textbooks surpasses the cost of attendance, the student needs to submit an appeal regarding the increase in financial aid.

For those who are not seeking need-based financial aid, there are a few ways to save on college textbooks. It is important to follow these ways as they can save an excessive amount of money on books without compromising on education. 

Ways to save on textbooks

The best way to save on college books is to find textbooks and learning material at comparatively lower prices. Look for alternatives other than college bookshops or any other shop assigned by the educational institution.

  1. Don’t buy directly from college bookshops

Buying books from college bookstores is just like doing groceries at the petrol pump tuck shops – highly expensive. College stores sell textbooks with a high-profit margin. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to buy from college bookstores especially when a professor recommends his or her notes. In such cases, those specialized learning materials are only available in college book stores. But other than that, you should, in fact, buy from somewhere else. It will save you money.

  1. Buy used textbooks

It is a well-known practice for students to buy used books and it should not be ignored now. Buying used items can save you money. It is normal to buy used books, but they should be in good condition. You can buy a used textbook at the start of the semester and it will not let you compromise on your education.

  1. Use the ISBN to find books at lower prices

One of the easiest ways to find lower-priced books online is to use ISBN lookup. These numbers are book-specific. So, when you put ISBN in a search box you get the same item you are looking for and all the information about it including offers from multiple booksellers and info on pricing and condition. To find your required textbook via ISBN, author’s name, or title of the book check This website is highly efficient for textbook rental price comparison as well.

  1. Search for an electronic version of the book

Almost all the books are available on the internet at a substantially cheaper rate as compared to the hard copy.  You can simply search for the new studybook assigned by your professor on the internet. There are bright chances that you will end up finding the soft copy of your textbook.

  1. Share textbooks

You can also share books with your friend or roommate. Sharing course material becomes inconvenient especially during examinations but it still can be done by systematically dividing the time of study.

  1. Buy only essential textbooks

Sometimes, a professor teaches only one or two chapters from a particular textbook. Instead of buying the entire book, you can only have a copy of the required chapters. It will save you money because you might not need to buy the entire paper. Only having those specified chapters will serve the purpose.

The tricks shared above are highly effective to save money on textbooks. They can save you a lot of money, so you should know that information in advance.

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