Are you planning to study law in top ranked universities, here reasons why to choose USA and especially Texas.

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-Why study law:

Studying law offers the opportunity develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. It gives you the chance to sharpen your mind, strengthen your understanding and deepen your experience across the full range of humanities and social sciences.

Law should therefore appeal to those who want to develop both abstract thinking and practical problem-solving. It’s easy to see why you don’t have to become a lawyer just because you’ve done a law degree; many choose other paths. A law degree can give you the skills to be a successful lawyer but also a successful producer, politician, manager, journalist, diplomat or police officer; a law degree equips you for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.

-why study law in USA:

1. Attend highly ranked law schools.

2. Enjoy a huge amount of educational choice

3. Maximise on the great networking potential

4. Experience a more challenging classroom environment

5. Enrich your life by living overseas for a year or more

-where to study law in USA.


Whether or not to attend law school or where to attend is a highly personal decision and frankly there is no "right" answer. However, I strongly encourage you to visit the campuses, think about where you want to live at graduation, and look up the tuition at each school and try to negotiate for scholarship money. 

If you were admitted into Texas you have a solid GPA/LSAT and your a qualified candidate negotiate for the best terms possible. As a OL you have all the bargaining power, but the second you enroll in a law school that is gone value yourself and make sure you choose a school based on what works best for YOU, do not let some magazine be the basis of a life altering decision. 

you can learn more about Best law schools in Texas and law schools in texas

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