Free training: Learn new skills related to gardening and start your business in that field:

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Free training: Learn new skills related to gardening and start your business in that field:


Gardening and selling flowers is a widespread business: Nowadays there is a high demand for flowers worldwide. These flowers are mainly used in different events such as weddings, celebrations, graduations, birthdays, or even as a decoration item in your office, or room.

This high demand makes selling flowers a flourishing business. You don't need experience in that field to start, and you can find suppliers abroad to ship flowers worldwide for good prices. However, you can learn to plant flowers yourself through online courses and specialized blogs. Flowers could be used also used to extract fragrances and perfumes. Many business plant flowers for perfumes manufacturing.

Who buy flowers: Flowers are used for many purposes. First, they are used for celebrations in different events like birthdays, weddings, mother day and national celebrations. Second, flowers are used for decoration purposes for houses and offices. This is becoming trending these days. Finally, flowers are used for fragrances and perfumes manufacturing. The size of the market depends on many factors. First, you have to know what the flowers with high demand are so you can tackle them. What is the market with lower competition and low barriers to entry?

Where to learn about gardening and flowers: There a lot of sources to learn about gardening and plants an especially flower, the real challenge is to learn about flowers specification like how long do flowers last. You can find this information on specialized blogs, or enrol in an online course. However, if you don’t have the required skills and you feel not comfortable with it you outsource this to other companies. Your main focus will be on sales.

What you should learn: you need to know the world's smelliest flower this type of flower is extremely expensive and with high demand, especially for the perfume industry. You need to have an idea about the prices so you can adjust your budget. In case you will sell flowers for decoration purposes the basics of floral design are required. You have to build your experience & learn to market your business. The more knowledge you have the more success and competitiveness you secure in the future.

Is it a profitable business? Planting Flowers and selling them is a profitable business with high margin. As an entrepreneur, you can decide whether to opt for high scale production or to opt for artisanal production where you put a lot of care for each flower you have. In this case, you will increase prices.

*Initial investment: Such a project does not require a high fund to start. The optimal strategy is to reinvest your profits so enlarge your initial investment.

*High Demand: Actually there is a high demand for such a product. The good thing is that there is a worldwide demand so you can take your business to the international.

*High margins: Whether you opting for large or small scale production, the profit margins for this business are extremely high.

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