As a student which would you prefer: going to Cinema, Netflix or a streaming service like Roku:

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As a student which would you prefer: going to Cinema, Netflix or a streaming service like Roku:


Students are always looking for entertainment activities for a cheap cost however if you are planning to go to cinema or theatre you will be in the obligation to spend a lot of money especially if you live in a big city where prices are very high and cinema charges a huge amount for each film you watch.

However, you may decide to go to the cinema independently of the price of a ticket for different reasons.

First of all, you can go to the cinema with your friends or classmates and meet together, eat something or drink a coffee before or after the film, you can also invite your loved ones and offer them a free ticket to join you, they will appreciate a lot it is a proper way to socialize and build good relationships with friends, people you know and university colleagues.

Second, going to the cinema will help break your weekly routine and also evacuate the stress you get during studies or exams. They will help you remain in a better mood and able enough to face next semester with the same motivation.

Third, in cinema, you can find the newest films and the ones you cannot find online due to copyrights.

Whether it is a Hollywood, Bollywood film you will find it in the nearest cinema, the first day it was released, this will help you follow your favourite actors and enjoy watching the film that you have been waiting for.

Finally, there is a development in the technology used in film projection, so you will have a better experience watching films in a cinema rather than watching at home. They use 3D films with high quality sounds with a huge screen. You will have a special experience and you will notice the change in used projection and evolution in technology deployed in both films and cinemas.

Now due to the huge number of films released each week, many cinemas offer a subscription plan with a very special price for students. So as a student it is highly recommended to opt for one of these subscription plans in order to benefit from the advantages. This would probably fit you well if you are a big fan of movies and cinemas.

Nowadays there is a new trend related to video streaming and video on-demand services like Netflix.

You have been always hearing these days about Netflix or you probably know a friend who has an account on Netflix as a service is pretty good and receiving great reviews and good feedback from its users.

But what is the story behind Netflix and how did he get such attention.

1-Netflix offers a wide selection: Netflix is now a very famous video-on-demand service. His business relies on a very specific model letting him get out of the crowd and enable Netflix to get a strategic position compared to other competitors. The competition is very rude in this field however Netflix has a large portfolio. In fact, Netflix has a good number of partnership films and series producers worldwide. Film producers find they will get the same advantage as projecting the film in cinemas or through Netflix. So, they build partnerships with Netflix in order to increase their profits. For this reason, you find new films and series on Netflix and not in other similar services. Actually, any film is available directly in both cinemas and Netflix. For TV series they are only available on Netflix.

2-Watch user experience: Netflix has been able to develop his offering thanks to continual improvement and by watching his customers experience in order to detect what are the points to improve and what the positive points to build on. This company is pioneering in that field and has been able to develop its customer portfolio. Now let’s check what the points that have been improved through time since the company has been founded till now. Netflix offers right now a wide range of selection (films, series, Tv shows…) comparing to when it first started. The quality of video has improved thanks to development in streaming quality. There is no buffering like it was before. Moreover, there is an improvement of image quality like Ultra HD 4K.

3- Free trial: Netflix has been able since its lunch to provide users with a trial period in order to discover with no engagement or hidden costs. This enables users to discover better service. At the beginning as a student you don’t need to pay in the first month and you can cancel at any time your subscription.

4-Good pricing: Price offering is very good compared to other competitors or to the provided service. Netflix offers different packages and you can choose between depending on what you are looking for and what type of offer fits you better. As a student, you will be spending far less on entertainment thanks to Netflix offering.

However, a good video on-demand service requires a good streaming service like Roku and this will be the subject of our third part of this post. You can get further details about streaming service quality and comparison on This website gives more details about Roku and how you can use it to watch Netflix.

-What is Roku and why is very useful:

Roku is one of the streaming services available on the market and many people are opting for it in order to watch their films and preferred series due to its good price.

Easy to use video streaming service: Roku is designed in a way that you can connect it fast to your TV. You just need to have a fast internet connection in order to link your device to your TV, and here we go you have access to a wide variety of channels.

-Roku provides free content: Roku provides free access to a lot of content like TV Player, YouTube, BBC Sports, Sky News and Red Bull TV and more.

-Roku provides access to paid service: After paying your subscription fees of Netflix or Amazon videos or any other VOD, you can start watching your VOD on Roku streaming service.

-quality of the video: Roku tolerates most of the high quality videos, HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra Hd 4k and provides you with the best experience and helps enjoy watching your favourite programs on the best quality.

Cheap device comparing to other competitors: Roku is very cheap and there are no hidden fees you pay once and after you receive your device and start using it. That’s it very easy and smooth. So you need to buy a device and start surfing on a wide variety of channels. This is very advantageous. You can get additional information about Roku on

As a final decision, I would prefer to have a streaming service like Roku and I opt also for a subscription plan for Netflix so I have access to new films on my Roku device.  I will have access to a wide variety of content with cheap price, and also this service has pretty good choice and accessible from home without going for cinema.  Moreover, you could watch movies at home while laying on your sofa.

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