4 Ways Flexible Working Can Benefit Studying Staff and Employers

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4 Ways Flexible Working Can Benefit Studying Staff and Employers


The traditional office working hours of 9am in the morning until 5pm in the evening have competition.


There are many businesses out there who are giving their employees the chance to work on a remote or flexible basis. This not only keeps workers happy, but also allows them to study while working. 

What is Remote and Flexible Working?


This means staff can not only work wherever they want, but also whenever and however they want too.


There are many great advantages to offering remote and flexible working plans to employees, not just for the employees themselves but for the business too.


In the following post we will look at four of the main reasons why you should consider offering flexible working plans to your staff.


Allows Staff to Study and Improve on the Job

Many people stop learning after they finish their studies and their personal development just stagnates for the rest of their life. 


There’s a benefit to allowing people to work flexibly who are studying at the same time. This benefit is that you are getting an employee who is always progressing as a valuable staff member in return.

Saves Money

When a business has a workforce comprising of many individuals who hot desk for short periods of time or working remotely, you can save space and money. 


You also have the opportunity to take on freelancers on limited contracts for tasks and projects that don’t take very long to complete or don’t need someone their full time. 


For example, part time project management jobs fall into this category of being well-suited to a flexible employee. 

Increases Company Turnover and Staff Retention


Smaller-scale businesses constantly find themselves trying to battle with the bigger companies who are able to offer greater employee benefits and salaries.


However, small businesses can actually use their size in a positive way by giving their employees greater amounts of freedom and flexibility.


While the bigger companies like to have large teams of people working together behind desks, always on time, in attendance at meetings regularly and wearing smart business clothing. 


These rules can often make student employees feel highly pressured. 


Whereas with flexible working arrangements, small businesses can offer employees a freer and more laid back environment to work in.


This freedom is often the reason why so many employees leave larger organisations and companies in search for that relaxed and looser way of working.

The Balance Between Work and Life


All employees have responsibilities, commitments and things they enjoy doing outside of their work. What’s more, these can change as time goes on. 


At some point, a member of staff may need to make a choice between their job or their studies. If flexibility isn’t allowed by their employer, they risk burning out.  


Often, staff will leave a company either because they want to study, start a family, move to another location or simply need to make changes to their routine.


When flexible working options are offered to employees, they are given greater control over the management of their professional and private life balance.


The result is that workers will be more inclined to stay on at the company, even if things in their personal lives change, because they have flexible or even remote working opportunities. It can keep your workers very happy. 


Choice of a Wider Selection of Qualified Workers


When a company offers remote and flexible working arrangements, they benefit from the choice of a wider selection of qualified workers when looking to hire new talent, including students. New startups such as Yukari have taken advantage of this and benefited. 


They can hire the most experienced and qualified staff for the roles they need to fill, because they are not constrained to finding someone local or who can always be in the office at a certain time. Or, on the flip side, a bright student with tons of potential can be hired on a smaller initial salary. The opportunities are endless. 


This means in turn that more individuals with the right attitude and skills can have the chance to work for the companies they want, even if normally their personal circumstances or location wouldn’t allow it.


Overall, the benefits of flexible working outweigh the negatives. The success of it totally depends on the industry and the organisation. As long as the employer and employee have put the proper processes in place, flexible work can be a huge benefit for both sides. 


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