Learn more about university ranking: QS ranking as an example

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Learn more about university ranking: QS ranking as an example

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So now we are going to discover the university ranking of Qs world university, we will discuss the methodology adopted in this ranking and the main items that we need to know in order to well assess the main component of  this index because once we are able to understand the main component and the composition of this index we are able to appear in the top ranking in this classification.

So it is very important to go through the methodology adopted and one of the easiest way  to do so is to visit the official website of this ranking and check the methodology adopted.

The ranking approach may be updated from version to version. Once you are there you start checking the main attributes.  We have 40% for the academic reputation 10% for employer reputation and 20% for the faculty-to-student ratio Which is also another metric that used by this ranking and 5% to the ratio national faculty ratio to international student ratio. so these are the main component of that index. Once you understand them and you work on their improvement you could appear in the top 100. These are the main things that you have to focus on while planning to get a good position in this ranking let's go through them one by one. 

The Academic reputation: well it is difficult to measure the academic reputation and it is very subjective for that Qs world university ranking. In fact, they use a large survey and questioned about 80000 individual from experts, researchers, scholars from different countries in order to have a representative sample of the academics community worldwide and they give a lot of importance to the reputation because once we have reputation and you are famous enough this means that you are in the good way, for that they give 40% of the total score for this component. So if you are planning to be in the top 500 please focus too much on this attribute.
Please, bear in mind that you need to take part in this survey, so contact this ranking organisation and ask them how you could take part in this survey. This at least, makes your university added to their database and makes your chance to participate in the survey higher.

Improve your ranking now contact mina7, get a quote: contact@mina7.net

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