Volunteering positions in Kosovo Advocacy Group (KAG) in Prishtina

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Volunteering positions in Kosovo Advocacy Group (KAG) in Prishtina

If you are passionate about working in the field of human rights, minority rights in Kosovo, lobbying and active citizenship, you want to be involved in many activities locally and centrally that address the needs of youth and women in Roma communities, Ashkali and Egyptian in Kosovo, then apply for a volunteering position in Kosovo Advocacy Group (KAG). 

They have two full time open positions for international volunteers in their office in  Prishtina.

Main duties and responsibilities of the selected candidates will be:

For this positions KAG is looking for candidates with:

KAG will offer the following to the successful candidates:

Send your CV (two pages), motivation letter (one page) and contact details of two people who can be contacted for a reference to: [email protected]

You can find out more about KAG on their Facebook page.

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