Civic Activism – Art for Social Change

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Civic Activism – Art for Social Change

Transformers (Civic Activism – Art for Social Change) is a project that aims to encourage active civic involvement of citizens using artistic, cultural and educational techniques. Offering that they want to contribute to a more creative and inclusive public space and to a more effective participation of local communities in the public life.
Transformers aims to enable people from local communities to reflect on their real issues and culture of addressing public space social space, exchanging between themselves in an intercultural and creative process.
By strengthening the role of arts and creative approaches, through working together, getting trained, debating and dealing with socio-political issues in our society, they want to bridge the division and to create synergies between different regions of North Macedonia and the Balkans; at the same time bridging the division between civic organizations and state actors.

They invite you to become part of the Transformers – an exciting group of people ready to make changes in the local communities where they live and function. Are you ready to embark on a journey that will bring you new knowledge, experiences, wider network and much more? Do you dare to transform and engage in civic activities?

They are in search of people from age 18 and over ready to join the project, by getting trained and practice their knowledge, afterwards organizing trans-formative actions inspired by topics closely related to them and the places they live and function, reanimating abandoned spaces, engaging their communities and giving new meaning to what a common space is and should be – all done by their own initiative, supported all the way by the mentors and the project team.

– age over 18,
– interest in community activism, previous experience is valued,
– interest in working with different forms of art (photography, video production, street art, painting, poetry slam, performances etc.) and intercultural education,
– interest in volunteering and contributing to local communities,
– ability to follow training and communicate in English,
– currently living in North Macedonia or the Balkans region countries,
– motivation and commitment to create and be part of a sustainable group of people, working further on together, with the power to multiply the gained knowledge, skills and to create a network of like-minded peers,
– availability to attend the training in Ohrid, North Macedonia in the period from 27.02 – 03.03.2020,
– motivated to implement transformative actions in the period (March – December 2020)

Open to: university students, civil activists, engaged artists, media workers, individuals, formal or non formal group

If you get selected, you will have the chance to attend the training (all expenses paid), work together with like-minded creative and inspirational young people from different backgrounds, ready to make a change and have the chance to contribute with your personal ideas in implementing several trans-formative actions in your local community.

During the training you will gain knowledge for usage of various artistic and educational tools and get trained to use them in benefit of civic, urban and creative activism, contributing for engagement of more youngsters and your peers to the purpose.

For more information and in order to apply, please visit the official link.

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