ERASMUS – Interactive Open Online Course “Youth, Peace and Security”

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ERASMUS – Interactive Open Online Course “Youth, Peace and Security”

The Interactive Open Online Course “Youth, Peace and Security” introduces participants to core concepts of violence, conflict, and peace and provides a space to exchange ideas and perspectives with peers on the role of youth in conflict transformation.

‘Youth, Peace and Security’ is a 4-week interactive online course for motivated youth curious about how to make a positive social change or understand more about conflict and peace, whether you are a student, a volunteer, or a young professional.

Based on expert content developed jointly by UNOY and Search for Common Ground, you will be introduced to core concepts of violence, conflict, and peace while exchanging ideas and perspectives with your peers. You will explore together the roles and power of young people to transform conflict.

Application is open to youth between the age of 18-30. In addition, eligible participants should reside in, or hold the nationality of one of the Erasmus+ programme countries or Southern Mediterranean countries. Participation is free of charge.

Participants in the courses are provided with the opportunity to:

• Engage with youth from different countries, cultures and migration backgrounds in a virtual classroom;
• Discuss topical themes like technological innovations, social identity, and culture;
• Learn from expert content and materials;
• Improve language and communication skills;
• Build 21st-century skills that improve employability, including the ability to work in a virtual and intercultural environment;
• Gain an Erasmus+ digital badge and become an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange alumni.

To apply, please click here.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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