The Pro Carton Student Video Award

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The Pro Carton Student Video Award

Cartonboard and its industry has a great story to tell and we want you to be the storyteller! Ranging from product protection and safety, brand communication, consumer convenience, anti-counterfeit protection all the way to its exceptional sustainability benefits, there is a lot to say.

Pro Carton have been representing the interests of the carton and cartonboard industry for more than 30 years and we are delighted to announce our new award scheme aimed mainly at marketing, media, business and film students.

The Pro Carton Student Video Award is the new European competition for video storytelling about cartons and cartonboard and there’s EUR 5,000 to be won!

Pro Carton’s prime objective is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium. Cartons are used to package a huge range of products from frozen foods and detergents to fine fragrances, champagnes and even smart phones.

Within this vast amount of information lies your script, now you just have to make it your story!

The video should promote or explain one or more of the benefits of cartons/cartonboard in a creative way. Any student can enter and there is no age limit and no entry fees, participants however must be enrolled at a European school or university studying on a recognized full-time educational course at the time of entry.  Students can enter as a team of up to 4 people or are welcome to enter as individuals.

What can you enter?

A video about cartons (and/or cartonboard).

The video should, in a creative way, promote or explain the benefits of cartons/cartonboard. It could be specifically be about one or more features of cartons/cartonboard or may have a wider environmental message (for example, to encourage recycling of cartons/cartonboard products within or out of home).

It should be entertaining, communicate a clear message or proposition and be suitable for various social media channels, presentation, events and websites.

The competition is open to all European students but will particularly be of interest to those studying business, marketing and communications, media, film-making, audio-visual or similar courses. They must be studying on a recognized full-time educational course at the time of entry.

Up to four students can enter together, however, one-person projects are, of course, welcome. In case of a group project please keep in mind that a maximum of two of the participants can take part in the trip to Krakow.
Change due to COVID-19: the ceremony in Krakow has been cancelled for 2020.

The Finalists will be invited to the Pro Carton Award Gala in Krakow, Poland on September 17th. The awards ceremony will be held during the international ECMA Congress – travel expenses and accommodation all borne by Pro Carton. The Winner will receive EUR 5.000! If the entry is from more than one student the prize will be shared equally.
Change due to COVID-19: the ceremony in Krakow has been cancelled. The winning entry will still win EUR 5000!

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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