Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship 2020

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Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship 2020

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center calls application for internship in the fall of 2020.  Internships usually last between 10-15 weeks. Interns spend their semester at our Smithsonian office in Washington, D.C.  Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center encourage part-time internships of 20-30 hours per week and are flexible with start & end dates, duration, and a number of hours worked per week.

About Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center believes that a great 21st-century museum is more than a building. Everyone must engage communities in surprising and innovative ways, transcending boundaries, and barriers. Basically, the center is a migratory museum that brings Asian Pacific American history, art, and culture to you through innovative museum experiences online and throughout the United States.

The Center works to redefine and expand the traditional museum model to transform how museums can be places for civic engagement, critical and constructive dialogue, and social justice. Through public programs, like the signature series Culture Labs, that invite visitors to inquire, discover, and learn via direct exchanges with artists, scholars, and cultural practitioners, the center also engages the public through events that recognize art and culture as vehicles that can bring them together in a new model of the museum experience.


APAC offers modest internship stipends every semester–funding is limited and highly competitive. Interns may also receive academic credit through their universities. The center encourages all applicants to research scholarship opportunities that support internships at their universities. The Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships also offers funded opportunities through several scholarship programs.


The internship is open current undergraduate students (current sophomores, juniors, and seniors), graduate students, and recent graduates. Moreover, all majors are welcome to apply.


In order to apply, candidates must submit the following application materials through the Smithsonian’s SOLAA  portal.

Provider: The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

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