Urban Economics Summer School in Spain

Urban Economics Summer School in Spain

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Urban Economics Associations at Barcelona Institute of Technology calls application for Urban Economics Summer School 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

Program Details 

The Urban Economics Summer School will run for three days starting from 8th June 2020 to 10th June 2020 at the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. There will be two lectures each day during the program. In addition, several students will have an opportunity to present their current research. The organizer Urban Economic Association invites applications from Ph.D. students who are in their second year or beyond their studies.


The UEA Summer School covers the interests and techniques of urban economics including inter alia housing, real estate, transportation, local public good provision, the spatial distribution of activities, economic geography, and urban or regional policy. The main aim of the Urban Economics Summer School in Barcelona is to offer an intensive training program for interested Ph.D. students. In addition to that, the summer school will also provide an opportunity for students to learn about the research frontier in urban economics, discuss their own research with leading researchers in the field in a relaxed and open atmosphere and meet some of the future stars in the field.

Cost and Funding

The registration fee for a program is 150€ which covers coffee breaks, working lunches, and at least one evening event. Participants are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements but however, the organizers also offer a limited number of scholarships for the students who need financial support to attend the program. Moreover, candidates must outline their case in your application in a separate section “Financial Support Request”. Furthermore, the Urban Economics Association strongly encourages students to first investigate available travel funding from their own universities.


The participants will have opportunities to receive the lectures, mentorships as well as other ideas from notable economist and professors like

Application Procedure

Additional Information

In case if any candidate wishes to present a paper at the summer school (this is not a requirement to apply), they must include the paper in the same PDF file as your CV and the one-page description of the topic of their Ph.D. The organizers consider only papers that are single-authored or co-authored with other Ph.D. students. Moreover, abstracts and extended abstracts are not eligible for presentation.

Application Deadline

March 20, 2020, is the last date to submit an application for the Urban Economics Association Summer School 2020 in Spain.

Provider: Urban Economics Association

Contact provider: [email protected]

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