UNICEF/Cartedo COVID-19 Challenge 2020

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UNICEF/Cartedo COVID-19 Challenge 2020

UNICEF in the partnership with Cartedo calls application from young Africans to apply for UNICEF/Cartedo COVID-19 Challenge 2020. UNICEF and Cartedo believe that youth have unique perspectives on these challenges and should be given the opportunity to become knowledge producers. This is the chance to Be seen, Be heard, and Be the Change!


COVID-19 is impacting us all as we deal with the new normal of social distancing and lockdowns. Misinformation and fake news amplify our fears. Hard realities like loss of income, job insecurity, stalled education, food shortages, and lack of clean water, force us to explore unique ways to cope. While we cannot always prevent such impacts, we can be better prepared.

The Challenge 

This challenge gives youth a voice in exploring how we might empower people and communities to become more pandemic-resilient. It is looking for ideas to solve real challenges faced by real people. This challenge offers the opportunity to develop future-ready employability skills like design thinking while contributing to global efforts to tackle COVID-19. As you progress through this challenge, participants will use a human-centered design approach to:

Participants will start by exploring human needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and turn your findings into core challenges faced by real people. By using the tools &techniques they will generate multiple ideas to solve these challenges and prototype solutions to share with people around the world.


UNICEF/Cartedo COVID-19 Challenge 2020 is open to anyone over the age of 14 who identifies as Youth. Participants will get certified in design thinking as you develop products, services, and solutions to the challenges faced by people in the community like misinformation & trust, depression, income insecurity and stalled learning. Everyone who finishes this challenge will receive a certificate of participation from UNICEF, acknowledging the positive contribution in the fight against this pandemic.

Apply Now

Provider: UNICEF and Cartedo

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