Health & Wellness Caseworker Vacancy in Oakland, CA, United States

Health & Wellness Caseworker Vacancy in Oakland, CA, United States

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فرصة منح

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24 جوان 2020
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There is an announcement for the Health & Wellness Caseworker vacancy in Oakland, CA, United States.

Job Summary

Its Community Health and Wellness programs ensure that all newly resettled refugees have access to on-going psycho-social support to serve their adjustment needs as well as ensures additional culturally and linguistically sensitive mental health referral support services are available. You will be responsible for the implementation of psycho-social programming serving the newcomer population in the Bay Area. The psycho-social programming is funded through the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program.


Qualifications for Health & Wellness Caseworker Vacancy

IRC Summary

The IRC in Northern California was established in 1975 in response to the needs of the growing refugee population. Over the past 40 years the IRC has resettled nearly 60,000 clients in Northern California. Originally focused on reception and placement the IRC in Oakland, one of four offices in Northern California, provides a range of services including resettlement and economic empowerment services, immigration, community gardening, and case management for victims of trafficking. The Oakland office provides further psycho-social services to support newcomer population’s wellness, emotional health, and promote the healthy integration of refugees into new communities.

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