Fully-funded NTU Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 in UK

Fully-funded NTU Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 in UK

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Nottingham Trent University NTU offers fully funded scholarships to undergraduate students for the academic session of 2020/21. The scholarship extends to international students, who will be starting their classes in September 2021.

NTU offers annual scholarships and additional scholarships in the benefit of the students. With its reputation preceding in research and academics, the University has become a favorite destination for international students. Further, Nottingham Trent eases the financial burden of students so that they can deliver a maximum outcome. In doing so, the university selects prospective students who have growth potential and nurtures them. For this very purpose, NTU provides fully funded Undergraduate scholarships to international students.

As a prospective student receiving the scholarship, you will get several benefits.

What benefits will I get from Fully Funded NTU Scholarships?

At first, the fully funded undergraduate scholarships extend to international students. If you outclass other students, you will receive a full-tuition waiver. The tuition waiver applies for the entire period of undergraduate studies which is four (4) years.

However, to receive NTU Undergraduate Scholarships, an applicant must meet the standards set by Nottingham Trent University.

Am I Eligible for NTU Undergraduate Scholarships?

Students from any nation can apply for NTU undergraduate scholarships. However, they must meet the eligibility criteria set by NTU which includes:

Be ready to apply if you meet NTU eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for the Fully Funded NTU Scholarships?

To apply for the fully NTU Scholarships, you must at first hold a place of the offer at Nottingham Trent University. If you are not a student at NTU, you must apply for an eligible undergraduate program. Only after receiving a conditional/unconditional offer, you can apply for the scholarship.

Next, you will require to fill up a scholarship application as well as email it with the required documents to complete your nomination for the scholarship.

NTU only offers a limited number of scholarships. Hence, if you are not successful for this scholarship, NTU automatically considers you for the next scholarship.


Nottingham Trent University receives the application for fully funded NTU scholarships until Tuesday 24 June 2020, at 16:00 GMT. Applications arriving after the deadline are not eligible for scholarship consideration.

Provider: Nottingham Trent University

Contact provider: [email protected]

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