Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Engineering Residential Scholarship

Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Engineering Residential Scholarship

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The scholarship was established in 2017 and is maintained by an annual gift from Anglo American Metallurgical Coal. The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and support educationally disadvantaged students as a result of their financial, geographical, cultural or other circumstances to undertake the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program and live as a resident at a residential college or halls of residence at The University of Queensland. Scholarship not available until 2021.


An applicant is eligible for the Scholarship, if the applicant –
(a)  submits an application to the Associate Dean, by the advertised closing date for applications; and
(b)  is enrolled full-time in an Approved Program in a Relevant Field; and
(c)  has completed 12 units, but not more than 27 units towards an Approved Program; and
(d)  is a domestic student in accordance with The University’s Fee Policy; and
(e)  has completed their secondary studies at a high school in a Regional Area or completed secondary studies as a boarder whilst having a permanent address in a Regional Area; and
(f)  can provide documentatary evidence of financial need as required; and
(g) does not hold another scholarship that the Associate Dean considers to be similar.

How to apply

The scholarship will be available in February, 2021. 

Selection criteria

The Scholarship is awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit based on-

(a) academic achievement in courses undertaken to date; and
(b) personal and leadership qualities and potential to succeed in the engineering profession; and
(c) strength of interest in pursuing a career in the mining industry and an understanding of rural living; and
(d) financial need; and
(e) any other matter that the selection committee considers to be relevant.

Where all other considerations are equal, preference will be given to a female or Indigenous student.

The selection committee may decide to interview short-listed applicants.


Mrs Gail Smith, Faculty of EAIT

Scholarship value : $20,000 per year paid directly to the approved residential college

Number awarded : One to be awarded as tenure becomes vacant

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