Sustainability Scholarship offered by
منصة منح

Sustainability Scholarship offered by

الدنمارك 12 أفريل 2021

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منصة منح

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12 أفريل 2021
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Sustainability Scholarship

The Danish platform for lifelong learning,, is offering a scholarship of up to €5000 to to people from anywhere in the world who want to study a master's programme fighting on the impact of the climate change. The scholarship will be awarded for the fall/autumn semester of 2021.

Eligible candidates

  • ​​must have applied (or will apply) to a master's programme that can help them make the world more sustainable
  • must have applied (or will apply) for a study starting in the Fall Semester 2021 (the degree programme may not be online) 
  • must hold a valid undergraduate degree
  • must meet language requirements for the programme
  • must hold or be eligible to apply for a relevant study visa (if applicable).

How to apply

Entrants should fill out the short form with their personal information and submit a short essay (500-700 words) on the questions: "What motivated you to choose this particular study programme? How is your program going to help you fight/alleviate the impact of the climate change? Overall, how do you think education and the fight against climate change are connected?".
Applications must be in English or Danish.


Deadline: 12 April 2021.

Official website: 

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