Top 10 best Paid job in Finance

Top 10 best Paid job in Finance

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Top 10 best Paid job in Finance

1-Hedge fund, entry level:

-Salaries levels vary from $90 to 125k, with a potential bonus of $90-170k.

-Hedge fund work is a challenge. You have to walk the line between serving the purposes of your profit-hungry clients with making sure that your corporate practices are legal, responsible, and profitable.

-The bonuses you will receive will far outweigh the basic salary.

-You may need also need knowledge in forex trading 

2-Private equity analyst:

-There is a lot of graduate programs for this Job.

-salaries vary from one country to another $114.1k, falling to an average of $82k in Europe and $62.5k in Asia.

- The private equity analyst provides analytical and asset valuation support for company’s Private Equity and Trading groups.


-The analyst provides input for strategic development and acquisition opportunities within the specific industry.


-The person develops and implements specific hedging strategies for various regions to maximize profits and minimize price volatility.


-A detailed review of the financial statements of the company under consideration is undertaken by the private equity analyst.


-The main objective is to determine whether an investment by the private equity firm in the company would further the investment intentions of the firm or not.

-The private equity analyst has the function to review and process potential new private equity investment opportunities.


-The analyst conducts in-depth research, monitors portfolios, reports development and monitors business growth.

- you need have skill in forex trading 

3-Investment banking division:

-Investment banking has been by some distance the highest paying entry level role in the UK.

-If you work in IBD, you certainly earn it. Despite efforts to curtail working hours for juniors in investment banking, it's rare to get out of the office before midnight.

-Total compensation comes in at £78k ($98k) at the upper end in London.


4-Sales and trading, investment bank:

-Entry level front office jobs in investment banks tend to pay the same regardless of which division you end up in.

-salary comes in at $125-135k.

- you will buy and hold quantities of financial products for short periods so that they've got enough to sell to clients who come to them trying to make a purchase.

- Sales trading: He talks to clients not just about market trends and changes in the value of particular stocks, but to discuss trading 'volumes', and exactly how the client would like the product to be traded in order to achieve the best result.

- investment in forex  is required.

5-Quantitative risk analyst:

-Risk management salaries within investment banking and the broader financial services market have been on the up in recent years, with firms battling over a limited supply of senior staff who have reportedly named their own salary on switching positions.

 -Salaries have also been on the up and the pick of the bunch in terms of banks’ different risk functions is quantitative risk.

-Salaries alone start at $80-100k in New York.


6-Regulatory reporting accountant, newly-qualified:

Any record of accounting pay tends to start at the newly qualified level, but by this point most accountants have around three years’ work experience under their belt.

Accounting and professional services salaries across the board average at £29.5k ($49.5k) at entry level, according to High Fliers.

However, within financial services, and when a niche skill-set is added, accounting salaries for those who have freshly earned their stripes are decidedly higher – regulatory reporting salaries come in at $92k, according to Robert Walters, rising to $125k after two years.


7-Internal auditor, financial services:

Internal audit is another area where financial services firms are struggling to attract talent currently.

Salaries for newly-qualified accountants in this area start at $92k rising to $110k after two years.


8-Private banking relationship manager:

Singaporean private banks once famously started hiring hairdressers as relationship managers, such was the scarcity of talent and demand for employees in this area.

This may have slowed, but banks in the region struggle to hire enough people to deal with the ever-growing pool of wealth and have had to start offering generous salaries at the junior level.

Robert Walters’ figures suggest that salaries for junior relationship managers hired with no experience can nearly reach six figures, at $65-96k.


9-Compliance, product advisory:

Starting salaries for middle office employees have generally lagged those in the front office, but as banks are forced to invest more and more into control and compliance staff, pay has started to rise.

The highest paid entry level compliance position is within the product advisory field, says Robert Walters, with salaries coming in at $60-100k.



The path to becoming an actuary is a gruelling one, with training typically taking anywhere between three to six years and which is usually provided by employers to the best and brightest maths graduates.

 Starting salaries of £24-35k ($40-60k) may not seem that appealing, but once you’ve earned your stripes this can swell to $75-110k, according to figures from recruiters Reed.

You can find the list of famous organisation where you can work.

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