Call for Volunteers for EVS Fame Project in Slovakia

Call for Volunteers for EVS Fame Project in Slovakia

سلوفاكيا 28 أكتوبر 2018

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28 أكتوبر 2018
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People in need-  non profit organization from Slovakia is looking for EVS volunteers.

People in need is an non-profit organization aiming to help people who are in greatest need. Since 1999, they have provided a helping hand to those deprived of human dignity and freedom due to all sorts of circumstances. To people suffering the consequences of war, victims of natural disasters or those who live under the suppression of authoritarian regimes or in conditions of deep poverty – all over the world as well as in Slovakia.
The organization is a proud member of People in Need network operating from Central Europe. People in Need, Slovakia operates in 29 countries around the world including Slovakia.
They have 5 main areas of operation :
Humanitarian aid – They intervene in emergency disaster areas around the world (and also in Slovakia) providing relief for people affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts.
Development cooperation – In their long-term interventions, they focus on education for children and women in countries with low educational standards. They support the restoration of livelihoods and food security for farmers and we empower people to have an active voice in their community’s decision – making.
Human rights – Their organization have focused interest also on the situation of human rights in the world and in Slovakia. They support activities in countries that share similar historical experiences with Slovakia of the fight against authoritarian regimes. In Slovakia itself, they have worked on the issues of racism, discrimination, intolerance, human trafficking, minority rights and extremism.
Global education -They bring additional knowledge to Slovak teachers and students, they create tutorials and learning materials. Their aim is to allow young people to better understand themselves and the world that has been rapidly changed and globalized, and to empower them to participate actively in positive changes.
Social integration programs – They research and pilot innovative solutions to the challenges that people in socially excluded localities in Slovakia face – extreme poverty, long-term unemployment, low education levels, inadequate living standards and tensions with the majority population

(can slightly vary according to management of each community centers, but basically involves:)

–  the main task of the volunteer would be to actively participate in, and possibly plan, the activities realized by the center;

–  activities of the community centers are indoor or outdoor activities (preliminary club, tutoring, music/art/sport…);

– the volunteer would always work with a professional from the community center, or a social worker of the center;

– additional activities are considered to be an inseparable part of the Centre´s program. They include mainly trips, talks, meetings with guests, etc.;

– educational activities include tutoring, depending on the needs of individuals, with assistance of a professional. The volunteer´stask would be help with homework (writing, reading), work with methodical educational equipment (cards with syllables, word creation). Concerning older children, it would be direct help with tasks that are discussed at school, whether it´smath or foreign language. Education in the use of the PC – Internet, e-mail, Word, etc are mainly for older children;

– the volunteer´s task would be independent leading of those activities, creative planning of the program and tasks for the participants;

– after-school activities involve active courses – sports, dance, singing, musical Instruments, educational courses – PC, foreign language, practical skills, creative workshops on various topics.

EVS service duration: 12 months 

Slovak language course: provided by OLS Erasmus+ tool

Applicants should be 18 years old or older, they can come from whole European Union and they should be motivated into social work.

The program will provide money for accommodation, food and essential travels. Also a small amount of pocket money (around 120 eur/month).

Candidates can apply via sending organisation or via email: [email protected] with their CV and motivational/application letter (we only need an answer on why did they decide to go for EVS in Slovakia).

Read morea about this program and project here

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