Top 5 tricks for PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks

Top 5 tricks for PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks

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If you are preparing for PTE Academic, we have something for you that you are going to love! We know you dread facing the Reading Writing Fill in the blanks in PTE Academic. Worry not, these top 5 tricks will make it super simple for you to answer any question of this type.


So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the ultimate tips and tricks for PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks. But before we start, let me make it clear that these are based on the wonderful Ultimate Guide for PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks written by the experts at Sure Way English. After reading these tips get some good practice with these PTE Mock Tests that simulate a real test environment.


Now to the main points!


First and foremost, be aware of the time you have. There is no use spending twenty minutes on a single question and getting it right. You have to answer questions correctly, but you also have to be aware of the overall time limit of the PTE Reading section. Never, and I repeat never should you spend more than 3 minutes on a single question of this type.


Remember the saying – Looks can be deceptive? It is true in the Fill in the blanks questions as well. If you come across an option that seems too cryptic or exotic, just stay away from it. Most likely it is wrong. PTE Academic will rarely venture out of their comfort zone. In fact they are the kings of comfort zone. Most words just come straight out of the published and much known academic word list. So, if you see something too strange, stay away from it.


Forget the grammar! Yes, you have heard it right. Don’t worry about the tedious grammar rules. Follow the simple elimination by substitution process. Take each option one after another, put it in the blank and then see if it makes sense. Just use your common sense. If the sentence describes an action happening, then you certainly won’t have words describing the quality of a person. Get it? Use your logic.


Too difficult? Move on. Don’t sit and get stuck on just one blank. If you can’t find the right word, move forward. Move on to the next blank and the one after. You can always come back to the blanks you have not been able to answer in the end of the question. This is not life! You can always revisit what you leave behind.


The biggest suggestion comes from Scott, the lead PTE tutor at Sure Way English – Make reading your daily habit. Time will pass anyway. Everyday you spend time on random thoughts, unproductive travel, boring lunches and what not. Use some of that time to improve skills that will last you a lifetime. Not the worst suggestion and it might get you a better job after you meet the minimum language requirement for your visa.


You should never stop learning! That is the biggest lesson of life and those who live by this maxim, ace not just PTE Academic but any other test that life might throw at them.


With that we come to the end of this tips and tricks post on PTE Academic Fill in the blanks. Keep your focus, keep preparing and learn from your mistakes. You will soon reach your goals.

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