Summer School - Pathways to Sustainability, 13-24 May 2019, University of Sussex, UK

Summer School - Pathways to Sustainability, 13-24 May 2019, University of Sussex, UK

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27 جانفي 2019
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The STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability will take place on 13-24 May 2019.

Application is by a selective process, via an online form. The deadline to apply is 23.59 on 27 January 2019. We hope to let applicants know whether or not their application has been successful by the end of February 2019.


The Summer School is a two-week immersive course on theories and practical approaches to sustainability, through creative, interactive and participatory learning.

Applications are invited from highly motivated doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, working in fields around development studies, science and technology studies, innovation and policy studies, and with an interest in ideas and practice of transformations, uncertainty, political ecology, natural resources, and methodologies for sustainability.

Participants will explore the theme of pathways to sustainability through a mixture of workshops, lectures, outdoor events and focused interaction with STEPS Centre members. The Summer School takes place on the University of Sussex campus, near Brighton, UK, where STEPS is co-hosted by the Institute of Development Studies and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU).

The school has run since 2012 with the generous support of the ESRC, IDRC and UKIERI. The fee is £1000 GBP – a limited number of scholarships are available.

For more information click "LINK TO ORIGINAL" below.

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