Summer School - Sustainable and Social Architecture, 5-25 August 2019, Portugal

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Summer School - Sustainable and Social Architecture, 5-25 August 2019, Portugal


The annual Summer school is a design/build educational format with tangible social impact that is capable of filling the gap in architectural education, which is often being separated from construction. The crucial skills for an architectural profession that Critical Concrete provides, is gained while improving housing conditions of local families in need.

Critical Concrete reflects on a paradigmatic shift in the role of the architect in today’s society. Rather than contributing to autonomous building-making that often disregard the context of the architectural intervention, it promotes a position of a citizen with expertise, who acts from within the community.

International students gain valuable hands-on experience by thinking through making, in the design/build tradition, while networking with other like-minded people and exchanging their skills and knowledge. Get inspired by the theoretical input given by recognized local and international mentors during the whole process of the project!

The summer school format itself was initiated with the aim of answering the question: how to refurbish a socially relevant place with no money and an enriching project for its participants?

The activities designed at Critical Concrete aim to bring young students real-life challenges, giving them not only knowledge and experience in the field, but providing them with a unique and diverse set of skills.

Course Aim

This social and sustainable architecture summer school is a design/build courses that aim to:

1 - Participate in the refurbishment of places of social interest (one social housing configuration, a production space, public spaces)

2 - Collectively design and build. Participatory processes in social architecture

3 - Contribute to the neighbourhood’s cultural life, by opening our doors for some theoretical courses, evening and screenings

4 - Development of high-quality furniture and architecture with a small budget and restricted time.

5 - Offer the students a new language of skills and techniques, both in community engagement and building strategies.

6 - Offer the students a supportive network for their future project and their promotion, opening new professional perspectives.

7 - Offer a good mix of practical work, monitored by international and local mentors, and theoretical work, all this working in the frame of social work engagement.

Course leader

The course will be conducted by an international team of great teachers and Students receive a certificate edited by the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP), Architecture School in Porto.

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