Digital rights and inclusion media fellowship

Digital rights and inclusion media fellowship

Africa 06 ماي 2019

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06 ماي 2019
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The Fellowship is a 4-month program designed to immerse outstanding, early career, journalists in digital rights and digital inclusion advocacy – and intervention efforts – in Africa. Selected journalists will work with Paradigm Initiative on various projects and contribute to improving public understanding of digital rights and inclusion issues.

Fellows will be expected to participate in all scheduled activities, publish, in their affiliated newspapers or magazines, at least twelve reports on digital rights and inclusion issues during the fellowship period and continue to provide coverage to digital rights and inclusion issues after their fellowship. Paradigm Initiative will provide fellows with a monthly stipend, and a one-time research grant, during the fellowship period.

The Fellowship is open to journalists affiliated with mainstream print and online newspapers in Africa, especially women. Interested candidates must demonstrate previous coverage of human rights and/or tech issues and interest in advocacy journalism and must not have spent more than ten years in journalism.

Three fellows will be awarded: 2-day Orientation and Digital Rights/Inclusion training, 2-week residency at Paradigm Initiative’s offices in Nigeria, 4-month virtual collaboration with Paradigm Initiative, Fellowship may also include fully-funded local and international travels to participate in and cover relevant events, monthly stipend, and a one-time research grant, during the fellowship period

In order to apply, please fill the application form.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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