The ELWar project – Two dedicated research assistants needed

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The ELWar project – Two dedicated research assistants needed

The ELWar project ( is looking for two dedicated research assistants who would help with collecting data in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the assignment is to populate a database with missing biographical information on national level politicians. The project currently collects data using open source materials and publicly available resources. We are looking for candidates who would bring together high-quality research skills and editorial judgment in order to help us complete the database we are working on. In collaboration with the ELWar team, prospective candidates should be able to think their way through the reporting process and anticipate what will be needed at every stage. The ideal candidates should have a proven reputation as ethical, trusted researchers/journalists who demonstrate strong research capabilities and skills using the latest tools and techniques.

Two dedicated research assistants needed

Job position:

–        Research assistant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

–        Research assistant in Serbia


They offer competitive hourly remuneration and collaboration with a young and highly dedicated team of researchers.

If interested, please email your CV with a brief note on your relevant professional activities to Michal Mochtak ([email protected] ). Put “ELWar_RA” in the subject of your email.

To learn more about the project please visit the official web page.

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