Thailand Village Academy – The Village Story Competition 2019

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Thailand Village Academy – The Village Story Competition 2019

The Village Story is funded by the Department of Cultural Promotion. Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai Airways and Thai Smile is now seeking talented story curators who are invited to explore one of Thailand’s most amazing villages.

They have 22 incredible villages around the country that pride themselves on their rich culture, fascinating history and traditional legacy – all of which have been preserved for visitors to come and experience today. This travel experience will only be funded for the 44 participants (comprising 22 foreign nationals and 22 Thai nationals) that are selected by the project’s committee.

This project gives you the chance to meet a local ‘hero’ from one of the villages – an opportunity learn more about their unique story and local wisdom, which they will be eager to share.

You will also have the chance to pick up some traditional skills, discover more about yourself as you move out of your comfort zone in rural Thailand, and gain a new perspective on life all at the same time. There are many incredible stories and experiences to be had here, and we waiting for someone to craft a great story of their own and present it to the world once they arrive back home

In order to apply and read more information about this opportunity, please read the official web page

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