Commonwealth100: Free Online Leadership Development Programme

Commonwealth100: Free Online Leadership Development Programme

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  • This is your opportunity to gain practical skills for the future, reflect upon your own leadership style, and move forward with a new perspective on how to make the most positive impact. The programme has built-in reflective exercises where you can share and learn from senior and young leaders’ thoughts and experiences.
  • This gives you a chance to interact and connect with peers and young professionals all across the Commonwealth.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend webinars and masterclasses conducted by senior leaders across the Commonwealth, along with access to articles and videos from them
  • What’s more, everyone who completes Commonwealth100 receives the Open Source Leadership badge: an online badge you can use to set yourself apart as a 21st Century leader.
  • You can put the badge on your CV and online profiles.


  • Commonwealth100 is open to young people aged 18 and above
  • You may be at the beginning of your careers or in Higher or Further education
Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Process

  • Apply online through the given link
  • You can apply for any cohort throughout the year
  • Completing the short registration form confirms your entry into the programme
  • The dates for current and upcoming cohorts are:
    • 1st July-31st August
    • 6th September-25th October
    • 1st November-27th December
Apply nowOfficial link

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