Sarajevo Model UN Conference 2019

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Sarajevo Model UN Conference 2019

Applications are welcomed for the Sarajevo Model UN Conference 2019. The Sarajevo Model UN represents an academic simulation of various multilateral bodies and agencies such as the United Nations Security Council, European Council. The first edition of Sarajevo Model UN was held in 2016, in partnership with the United Nations in BiH.

The first conference attracted over 80 participants from more than 15 countries and coming from 3 continents of the globe. Aside from academic simulations of four multilateral councils (UNSC, WHO, EC and GCC) in which participants role play diplomats in multilateral organizations, our participants had an opportunity to engage in round tables with prominent members of the academia, representatives of the UN in BiH and members of the diplomatic corps to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last year, the Conference simulated the following councils: the United Nations Security Council, United Nations Women,  European Council, and the Human Rights Council. and hosted dozen of participants, coming from more than 4 continents of the globe. Over the course of past four years, Sarajevo Model UN has evolved into one of the largest conferences in the Western Balkans, with a strong focus on academic and personal development of its participants.

Participation at Sarajevo Model UN ’19 is open to individual delegates or delegations that are enrolled full time at high school or university. Previous experience will be taken into consideration when allocating the committee and state/country of representation.

Participation fee for Sarajevo Model UN ’19 is comprehensive, tailored to participants’ needs and offered in two bundles: Standard bundle and Premium bundle. Participation is open to individual  delegates and delegations* (scroll down for more information on delegation fees).

Participating at Sarajevo Model UN as a local participant is now both valuable and affordable by choosing a Standard bundle, as it includes conference essentials, 3 meals and much more.

For those who would like to experience the spirit of the conference in a new and refined way, they offer a Premium bundle that includes accommodation at the venue place of the upcoming conference.  Forget the rush-hour traffic congestion in the morning – all you need is to suite-up, and take a few floors down to get to the designated committee room.

Participation fee (Premium bundle) – 130 EUR

Individual Participation fee (Standard bundle) – 40 EUR

For more information and to apply, please visit this website.

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