Call for a Volunteer in Vicenza, Italy

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Call for a Volunteer in Vicenza, Italy

Arci Servizio Civile Vicenza is a non-profit organization born ​with the aim of promoting the values of ​peace​, non-violence and Civil Service as a form of education to ​active citizenship​. They create and coordinate volunteering projects in social and cultural fields. Some of the volunteers we recruit are in service in ​Porto Burci​, a ​cultural and ​environmental center we manage together with other 4 organizations. Thanks to their help, we organize training courses and many kinds of events such as workshops, movie screenings, exhibitions, conferences and small concerts.

They are located in Vicenza, a city of about 120 000 inhabitants in the Northern East Italian region of Veneto. Since 1994 it is enlisted in UNESCO world heritage sites. Crossed by the rivers Retrone and Bacchiglione and with a lake in the surroundings, Vicenza’s landscape is mostly plain and partly hilly. The urban centre is equally distant from the sea and the mountains, which can be reached in around one hour trip. The most famous city nearby is Venice, also reachable in the same time span.

Please apply in the European Youth Portal ​​ and send a cv and motivation letter to Anita Galvan: ​[email protected]

For more information, please check the official Infopack.

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