Boost Your Productivity With These Hacks

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Boost Your Productivity With These Hacks



Work From Home- There are certain things that can be done from home, such as researching a certain topic or writing a document. When that is the case, you may find that leaving the office will allow you to better focus. There are some companies that are embracing the idea of working from home since it helps cut down on commute time, lowers lunchtimes, and encourages employees to take fewer sick days. Can you apply this strategy to your business?


Time- Multitasking is not always as productive as it may seem. Because of this, time management is crucial if you want to improve your productivity. Unexpected tasks are usually the ones that take up the most time. These things can include reading a new email or checking the latest notifications, which psychologist Daniel Levitan calls novelty bias. Switching tasks no matter how unintentional it is takes up a lot more time than you may think. An information scientist from the University of California, Gloria Mark, has found that these interruptions can take around 26 minutes to recover from. Instead, you can plan your day to be more productive and then plan in time for those unexpected interruptions.


Consider Commute Time- Time is time, right?! That means you can use your commute time to do certain tasks. For example, you might start to plan and prepare for your day as you get to work. You might decide what you are going to do first, learn which of your projects need immediate attention, or other things that need to be done.


Lower Meeting Times- Meetings are helpful for relaying information, but you can easily reduce your meeting times and gain some extra hours. Let's say you can reduce meetings by 25 percent. If you normally have an hour meeting a day, with five employees, you can cut that back to 45 minutes and that gives you 25 more work hours each month or 300 hours a year. An employee schedule maker will help you to monitor meeting times and keep productivity levels high.


Book Your Breaks- Everyone needs daily breaks. Instead of going from meeting to meeting, which isn't productive, you should make time each day for breaks. This helps boost focus and productivity as it helps organize your mind. If you can, you may even choose to take a quick 10 to 20 minute nap after you eat lunch.


Environment- Whether you work in an actual office, your home, or virtually, you want an environment that is conducive to work. You can create a great space that helps you focus and stay on task.


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