Which is the required level in english to get a scholarship and how to prove it:

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Which is the required level in english to get  a scholarship and how to prove it:
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If you are planning to study abroad then you definitely need to have a good level in English. Most universities ask for English language certification to prove your level in English. This certification could be IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge assessment of English certification. These are the English certifications that are recognised. Any other body issuing English certification is not recognised. 


IELTS English certification is essential if you are planning to study in the UK Because you need this certification to get a study visa for the UK. However, this certification is valid everywhere to get university admission. I prefer IELTS certification, it is hard to get a high score if you are not a native speaker, but it is really worth it.


TOEFL English certification: is an English exam developed by Educational testing service, this certification is mandatory if you plan to study in the United States of America. It is required to get a study visa in the USA. However, this certification is valid to get university admission. 

Cambridge Assessment English certification: is a less famous certification but with the same value as TOEFL and IELTS. It is up to you to choose. 


English certificate exemption case: 

 You are a native speaker: in case you come from a country where English is your first language then you don’t need a certification. 

You studied already in UK, USA, New Zealand or Australia: Then you don’t need an English certification. 


What is the required level: 

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: you need level B2 or C1. 

For IELTS certification: You need a band of 6 or higher (most universities accept 6.5 for a master study)

For TOEFL: You need a score of 87 or higher.


Due to COVID 19, all exam centres are closed, you can sit for online exam: 


IELTS INDICATOR instead of IELTS: You can find information related to this exam here.  

TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition: Instead of TOEFL IBT information.

How to get a scholarship: 

This English certification is an essential step to increase your chances to get a scholarship. 

You need to prepare well for this exam and get 6.5 or higher in IELTS. 

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