Importance of the study environment in the kids's learning process:

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Importance of the study environment in the kids's learning process:


Learning for kids is a very delicate task that requires a lot of attention and incentives. Nowadays kids have many interesting activities apart of studying. In the new era of technology and Smartphone, kids find more fun in videos games, social media compared to reading a novel or going to school.

However many other beneficial activities still attract kids even though they are not in their Smartphones. I will go through these activities and highlight why they are important for kids.

Moreover, I will point out the right environment for kids to study and enjoy their stay at school.

It is now very clear that smartphones and the internet reduce kids focus to learn and this reduces their performance at school.

Kids should be surrounded by mentors and tutors ready to deliver their knowledge and pedagogy.

Interactive activity: interactive activity is really attractive activities for kids they never get bored of it. They allow kids to play with each other. They are also activities they allow kids to be creative and they develop their skills. This really important in the first years of school. Experts say that it is the best period for kids to develop their abilities.

Sports: In school or kindergarten kids should take part in sports activities whether football or basketball. Kids should have a wide choice. Kids may have different interest or activities, so you need to ask your kid to try different sports activities. This will give the kid a lot of chance to decide which sports activities fits him best.

Mathematics club: in this club kids learn mathematics while playing games this indeed develops their skills at an early age. Mathematics club is not available in all schools. I suggest choosing a school where they have such kind of activity, it a really nice activity for kids.

Painting club: Kindergartens in most cases have a club for painting and craft activities where kids can be creative and create a nice painting and beautiful crafts. When I was a kid, I really like creating a nice artwork for my age at that time I would qualify them as a real artwork. We use to paint walls with our teacher, it requires a lot of attention otherwise our clothes will be full of paint.

Moreover, schools or kindergarten should be well equipped so kids don’t get bored.

Aeration: classrooms should be equipped with an air conditioner should be cleaned from dust. As a school manager, you should control the aeration system or ask air-conditioner repair.

Lightening: light in classrooms should be bright and not eye tiring for kids. You should control the

distribution of light in the room they will help kids to focus and avoid distraction.

Sits: Sits should be designed in a way to be comfortable, ergonomic for kids.

Walls: You can put some poster on the wall, or use colours and paintings on the wall. This adds a lot of happiness and joy for the class. Kids could take part in designing the classroom.

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