Easy ways to find Student accommodation

Published in 29 Apr 2021 by @admin2

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Easy ways to find Student accommodation

Student accomodation/ accomodation for students

Looking for student accommodation abroad. Here I will provide all information for different countries.  Whether for Uk, France follow this steps and you will find easily a student accommodation for a good price.

1-Why you need a student Accommodation:

Planning to study abroad: If you are planning to study abroad then you need to prepare your stay in advance, this will save you a lot of money and avoid spending first days upon you arrival in a hotel.

Applying for visa: If you are applying for a visa then you will be asked for proof of rent for at least three months.

Erasmus exchange abroad: Planning a semester abroad, then you need for sure an accommodation for your stay.

Doing an internship abroad: Many students during bachelor or masters do internship in a company they need an accommodation. students during their bachelor degree.

Taking part in academic conference: Phd students and academic staff have to take part in academic conference abroad, they can decide to stay in a  hotel where the conference is held or look for a different accommodation.


Visiting professor: Professors can teach in a different university in a partner university. A lot of universities cooperate together to increase partnership and  academic staff exchange.

2-Why is difficult to find a student accommodation:

  • Rent is expensive: if you are planning to study abroad, you need to be able to afford one important expense: rent, ( two third of your monthly expenses in some cities).
  • Sponsor: Renting a house abroad requires a sponsor especially if you are renting a house for an academic year.
  • Two months in advance: Renting a room or house requires paying two months’ rent in advance this is the rule in United Kingdom or Europe in general.
  • Not an easy task in capital cities: Looking for an accommodation in London or Paris is not an easy task these cities are crowded, rent is expensive and requires a lot of search to find the right option.

3- Where to find an accommodation for a good price:

  • University accommodation: most universities have in their campuses student residence. Prices are reasonable and you don’t need to look for a sponsor, in most cases university will be your sponsor till you got admission there. Rooms are reserved first to PhD students and academic staff, so master and bachelor students have less chance to find easily a room. You need to send email to the university residence providing the following documents: your ID or passport, admission letter).
  • Social media groups and marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find accommodation near your university, in search filter select your city and start searching prices are reasonable but this option is not very secure and you need to meet the property owner to sign contract. Then this is not the right option if you need to apply for visa first.

  • Online booking platforms:

Whether Booking, UniAcco, or Airbnb this options are quite useful and have many advantages all the process is online, once you finish the booking you will receive a certificate of accommodation that you will use for visa application. UniAcco is a platform targeting specifically student accommodation so there you can find better options for students.


  • Ask a friend: if you know a friend or a relative who lives abroad he can provide you with a certificate that he will host you during your stay (he need to provide any proof that he is the owner of the property.

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