Important information before you decide to study in France

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We offer you valuable information that you should know before applying to study in France

Many universities offer scholarships, including fully or partially funded ones. You have to verify the dates of application for scholarships, as they differ from one university to another. French cities also offer scholarship programs for international students registered in universities in the same city in order to motivate students from all countries of the world.

Fluency in French is not necessary if you are going to study in English. If the university program is in French, a level of B1 is a minimum for bachelor students, B2 for masters students.

Job opportunities exist after graduation, even if you do not speak French, and they are more available in large cities such as Paris, Lyon-Nonnet, and other densely populated cities.

You can work while studying part-time, ie 20 hours per week, the average hourly wage is ten euros. This will help you finance your studies without any doubt. To obtain a visa, an amount of 7,500 euros is required, a bank balance or a certificate in obtaining a grant, or an amount of 3,500 euros if there is someone who will guarantee you in France.

All nominations are made through Compus France, and the nomination period is from November 2 to February 28. If you are going to study at a private university, the date of application is according to the start date of the study. There are universities that return to university in January and others in September.

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