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Published in 18 May 2022 by @admin2

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Learning statistics is not an easy task. It requires learning the right way, this means there is a pedagogy that needs to be respected, otherwise students get bored fast due to the difficult task.

Indeed, many students face difficulties to apprehend topics related to probability, statistics and matrix algebra; this is not due to their abilities to understand the topic but due to the way it is taught. Some professors allocate few time to exercises, other professors focus more on theory. It is difficult to say what is the best formula. However, it is sure that a balanced mix between practice and theory is required.

Teaching probability, statistics and matrix algebra is bit specific as I already stated, but here the things that should be always there to make the student assimilate fast the topic when using a textbook.

Theory should accompanied with examples:

Understanding theory without small examples is almost impossible, students should be provided with simple examples together with theory to digest the information fast.

Clear and sample Illustration are a must:

Whether examples or exercises, theory should be accompanied with illustrations clarifying the topic and making it easy for the student to understand it.

Clear solutions of the exercises:

Students can’t find detailed solutions to exercises in most of textbook, In order to choose the right probability, statistics and matrix algebra textbook make sure that solution section is well elaborated and full of explanations to make it easier to understand.

Quick and short reminders everywhere.

Students are not supposed to remember every single detail they learned, so quick and short reminders are very welcomed and helps students better memorize information.

Do it the easy way: Many statistics and algebra textbooks make it difficult for students to learn and this mainly through wrong choice of examples or wrong order in presenting topics.

Repetition is welcomed: Examples should be different but also similar presented in a different way, this indeed helps students to memorise concepts that they just learnt.

Read authors biography: Very important as well to learn more about the writer read his biography, is he really keen on what he is doing, he has experience in statistics and algebra?

Read review section: You find what other people who already read the textbook think about it in review section this will help you as well.

So you need to bear in mind all these factors when choosing a textbook of probability, statistics and matrix algebra to study with.

Today we choose a great algebra and mathematics textbook combining all what we already listed and a top of that is a free digital textbook for learning probability, statistics and matrix algebra.

The digital textbook has more than 300 articles on important topics in probability, statistics and matrix algebra. It contains hundreds of examples, exercises, charts, infographics and videos. It is often cited in scientific journals across many disciplines and it is in the recommended reading lists of many top universities.

download free probability, statistics and matrix algebra textbook here.

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