Planning to study abroad then legalization and apostille for your diplomas and transcript is a must:

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Planning to study abroad then legalization and apostille for your diplomas and transcript is a must:


What is legalization or apostille? Is it necessary for any type of document?

Legalization allows you to use a US document abroad or a foreign document in the USA. Apostille is a kind of legalization. Nowadays, many countries require apostille for different document until they are not used in their issuing country. If for example you are a Chinese student and you are planning to study in the USA, then you will need for sure legalization or apostille for your diploma. The same thing for other countries like Egypt or the United Arab Emirates… So you will go certainly to closest US embassy to verify that the legalization for china or apostille that you did is original and valid.

However, several elements determine whether or not you need legalization or an apostille, so you need to get informed very well. If you are applying to study in the US you can give that job for apostille services. It will allow you to get advice for your specific situation. That will be a good option. You will save time and make sure that legalization is run perfectly.

For example legalization for china requires a lot of time and effort, that is a bit long process but it’s worth it, so I suggest you make sure to verify all document very well. You give that task to apostille services to do the work instead of you. You will save a lot of time 100%, you will benefit from their expertise.

Many people would like as well to work in the USA, so they need to 1-9 verification. This requirement is mandatory for Us and non-US citizen. 

These requirements are a bit difficult and will require an experienced person to check your document. I remember one time I have been preparing documents to study abroad. I did a mistake in the legalization of my document. The thing is I didn’t ask very well before proceeding. Each embassy has its requirements, there is an order that you have to follow especially for document that is not in the same language as the one used in the embassy. So if you legalize a Chinese document, this document has a to be translated in English before taking it to the embassy. Well, it depends on the country. For that reason, you should gather information before sending your document for legalization. 

After all, I went to ask a certified translator, he told me that there are steps that I need to follow in term of authorities that I should go to. This was a bit delicate. Well, it was at that time for the Italian embassy and I was planning to study there. However, if you are planning to study or work in the USA is better to ask DC mobile Notary they know better how things work in the USA and will be sure that your documents will be accepted in the USA. 

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