Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in the Netherlands from the Netherlands Education Group 2020

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in the Netherlands from the Netherlands Education Group 2020

Netherlands 24 Jul 2020
The Netherlands Education Group

The Netherlands Education Group

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24 Jul 2020
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The Netherlands Education Group offers a Development of Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop; it is an effective contribution to economic development! All young people are potential future leaders and they are the key mechanism for prosperity. During the course, participants go through a series of assessments in order to understand their pros and cons and the way to be effective at work or in personal life. Each participant receives individual recommendations and certificates.

More About the Workshop:

This workshop is offered for young youth who have an idea of business but don't know how to get started or have a start-up and would like to develop it further. You will learn how to choose the right business model, write a business plan, where to find funding for your business and a lot more. They will introduce you to the modern theories and practices and help you to develop your skills in order to become a successful entrepreneur.  This workshop will also give strong prospects for networking. Discover various aspects of youth entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on how to move from theory to practice.

Program Details:

  • Sunday: The arrival of participants. There will be no workshops on Sunday, however, depending on the arrival time of participants they arrange an informal meeting where participants can meet each other.
  • Monday: Introduction day – participants will get to know each other and learn about everyone’s experience in the field of youth entrepreneurship.
    First workshops.
  • Tuesday: Workshops on youth entrepreneurship, youth participation in business, youth start-ups.
  • Wednesday: The participants visit organizations and learn more about the opportunities for youth entrepreneurs. They meet the founders of successful start-ups who share their experience and tips. 
  • Thursday: Discussion of various business cases. Sharing ideas on the development of start-ups and receiving feedback. They provide information about the grants for youth entrepreneurship, the ways to find partners (Europe Enterprise Network). We also share information regarding the regulations for youth entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. Information about the scholarships for business education in the Netherlands (particularly – MBA). Exploring the ways to keep in touch and support each other.
  • Friday: Informal activities.


All the participants are provided with accommodation in Amsterdam for the whole period of the course. The type of accommodation is a shared room for 2 people.  Participants have access to the kitchen which they can use. The accommodation is well connected by public transport with all the tourist places in Amsterdam. During the program, the training will be conducted in the classroom which is within walking distance from the accommodation. Participants will be provided with a detailed description of the venue and the information on how to reach it from the airport.

More About the Netherlands Education Group:

The Netherlands Education Group is the joint project of Stichting Libertas International and Utrecht Consulting Group. From the beginning, the Group has decided to open its programs for participants from many countries and it already had people from more than 40 countries visiting its programs in Amsterdam, Moscow and other places! The Group's main activity is providing short-term courses in the field of business and personal development. But in addition to that, it offers the programs that help for the development of career in other ways – it has the course on the Career opportunities where participants visit companies and learn about career opportunities in those companies; the Group has a course on Study in Europe where participants are told about different educational programs, scholarships and given tips on how to apply for scholarships and be accepted; the Group also has the Study Visit to UN-Headquarters in Vienna where participants visit the organization and learn about its work and career opportunities at UN; as well as a lot of other projects in various areas. Most of the Group's programs are with an open call – as it publishes the event and people who are interested in are welcome to apply.

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