Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers and a Chance to Win 20,000 2020

Deadline : 31 Mar 2020

Nonprofit organization: Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

All specialities

Study level: Postgraduate

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Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers and a Chance to Win 20,000 2020

The scientific committee of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers - The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation announces the opening of nominations for the 2020 award session, which amounts to $20,000. The award is granted in recognition of outstanding scientific output in the five years prior to the nomination, the publication and circulation of which leads to an increase in scientific and applied knowledge, contribution to solving priority problems locally, regionally and globally, and the dissemination of the culture of scientific research.

Fields and Topics:

  • (Field of Medical and Health Sciences) on the following topics:
  1. Progress in Immunology and cancer.
  2. Pharmacogenetics.
  • (Field of Basic Sciences) on the following topics:
  1. Developmental Biology.
  2. Material Science.
  • (Field of Technological and Agricultural Sciences) on the following topics:
  1. Machine Learning & Big Data.
  2.  Cybersecurity.
  • (Field of Engineering Sciences) on the following topics:
  1. New generation for wireless communications, cooperative communications, security and encryption, and innovations.
  2. Climate Change, Global Warming.
  • (Field of humanities, social and educational sciences) on the following topics:
  1. Effects of social media on the Arabic society.
  2.  Studies in colonialism and postcolonialism.
  • (Field of Economic and Administrative Sciences) on the following topics:
  1. Financial Innovations in Emerging Markets.
  2. Digital Capital Markets.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The candidate must be of Arab nationality or of Arab origin.
  • The candidate must be alive at the time of his nomination.
  • That the candidate has provided science and society with a distinct scientific product in the theoretical and applied fields during the five years preceding the candidacy.
  • The candidate should submit a written nomination from the authority in which he works, using the form mentioned in the instructions for filling out the form.
  • The research presented to the award should be carried out in an Arab country or was carried out in active participation with one or more researchers residing in an Arab country.
  • The candidate should send a summary in both Arabic and English about the scientific contribution submitted to the award.
  • It is not permissible for the winner of one of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Awards for Arab researchers in the past to apply for the award again.
  • Research is accepted in Arabic or English only.
  • Master's and PhD theses research do not fall into the assessment of the candidate's scientific output.
  • The nomination application shall be submitted in one of the specializations listed within the declared prize fields only, and this shall be specified in the nomination form.
  • The scientific output and documents shall be sent at once and no material shall be considered for submission thereafter. The scientific output of the candidate is not returned, whether he won or did not win the award.
  • The members of the scientific committee and arbitration committees for the year in which the award is declared have no right to apply for the award.
  • In the event that the candidate dies - God forbid - after the nomination, and when he is chosen as a winner, the award is awarded to his legal heirs.
  • Applications that do not adhere to the conditions of the award, or those that arrive after the end of the nomination deadline, are not considered.
  • The award's scientific committee has the right to withdraw the award from those who won it if any of the following is proven to it:
  1. Violation of any of the conditions of the award announced in the nomination call.
  2. Violating the ethics of scientific research in the scientific product presented.
  3. Any other violation that the scientific committee sees.

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