Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity with Cash Prizes of up to $6000
Department of Culture Sharjah

Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity with Cash Prizes of up to $6000


أصدر صاحب السمو الشيخ الدكتور سلطان بن محمد القاسمي مرسوماً أميرياً رقم (20 ) في 30 أبريل 1981م ، يقضي بإنشاء " الدائرة الثقافية " و التي عرفت فيما بعد بـ دائرة الثقافة و الإعلام إلى أن تم تغيير الاسم
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31 Oct 2020
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The Department of Culture at the Government of Sharjah is pleased to announce the twenty-fourth session of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity - First Edition, which is related to manuscripts prepared for the first edition of the writer, and was not previously published in a book based on the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council The ruler of Sharjah, in line with his efforts to support talented writers and writers, in the UAE and throughout the greater Arab world.

Prize Fields:-

  • Fluent poetry (no less than 15 poems).
  • The short story (a story set of no less than 12 stories).
  • The novel.
  • Theatrical text.
  • Child Literature, which is devoted to (the story directed to the child - from 6 to 8 years), and the specialization is changed every year.
  • Criticism, which is devoted to the study (transformations of poetic text) this year, as the specialization is changed every year.

Terms and Conditions:-

Participation in the competition is open to both sexes, from the United Arab Emirates, and from other Arab countries, and Arabists writers, according to the following conditions:-

  • The participant is not less than 18 years old, and not more than 40 years old.
  • The works should be in standard Arabic.
  • It is stipulated that the submitted material must not have won in a similar competition, or been submitted to obtain a university degree, and that it had not previously been published in newspapers and periodicals, or on websites, and not to be submitted at the same time to another competition.
  • The submitted material should be the first work of the author in this field.
  • No contestant may participate in more than one of the contest axes.
  • The material presented should take into consideration religious and moral values.
  • The Chamber is not obligated to repeat texts, whether it wins or not.
  • In the event that the conditions and controls of the award are violated, the award will be withdrawn immediately, and necessary legal measures taken.
  • Entries will be closed on October 31, 2020.
  • The results will be announced in January 2021, and prizes will be distributed during the Creativity Workshop in April 2021.
  • The winners of the first three places in each field are invited to attend the award ceremony and participate in a creative scientific workshop.
  • The Department of Culture in Sharjah is responsible for printing all the winning works in the award centers, and reserves for itself the rights of the first edition of these works.
  • Any work that violates the conditions and incomplete attachments shall be excluded from the arbitration works.
  • Whoever won the competition may not participate again after three years have passed.
  • The winners in any of the axes are not entitled to add any amendment to the winning text after the results are announced.

Judgement Criteria:-

  • After ensuring that the texts fulfill the conditions stipulated in this announcement, the award secretariat entrusts a committee of specialists in each of the competition fields to perform a preliminary screening of the texts; For counting no more than fifty texts in each field, it is worth winning to win.
  • Sorted texts are pledged to two arbitrators to choose the winning texts in the first three positions, according to agreed monetary criteria, and if they cannot agree to define these texts, the texts chosen by each of them are referred to a weighted arbitrator, to choose three winning texts from among them, and his decision is final.
  • The jury explains their choice of winning texts, and provides winners with notes on their texts, if any, to amend what is necessary before printing these texts.


  • $6000 for the first winner.
  • $4000 for the second winner.
  • $3000 for the third winner.

About the Department of Culture in Sharjah: -

The department was established on April 30, 1981 to be called "the cultural circle", and later known as the Department of Culture and Information until the name was changed to the Department of Culture. This is to reinforce the cultural effort exerted and in the interest of developing and expanding the base of creative cultural work to reach the citizen and resident everywhere, and the department has been keen since its establishment to achieve this through Arab and Islamic cultural activities that affect and are affected by human culture in its comprehensive and broad concept. The department focuses on the cultural aspects of the Emirate of Sharjah so that its tasks and roles expanded and expanded by setting the higher and basic goals that it seeks to achieve and setting annual programs to achieve those goals which are setting priorities for cultural work in line with the actual needs of a long-term strategy and preserving culture and National arts and provide activities and programs that work to deepen Arab and Islamic values and that contribute to creating the national personality capable of giving.

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