Online Workshop Opportunity with Sofra'a Al-Moubadara 2020

Online Workshop Opportunity with Sofra'a Al-Moubadara 2020

Kaizen Academy

Kaizen Academy

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31 Jul 2020
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The Kaizen Academy is offering the Arab initiative ambassadors program (Sofra'a Al-Moubadara), which is a training program concerned with developing individuals and institutions, preparing a conscious and proactive generation in industry and encouraging teamwork. The program aims to train 1,000 people in every Arab country by relying on a team of ambassador trainers. The program targets youth of both sexes provided that the participant is at least 16 years old.

Project goals:

  • Training 1,000 young men and women in life and professional skills for each Arab country.
  • Developing the volunteer and competitive side of youth.
  • Preparing competent trainers capable of effective training.
  • Developing leadership and working within the same team.

Target Age:

The youth of both sexes provided that the participant is at least 16 years old.


The project starts from Iraq to the rest of the Arab countries through the ambassadors, trainers, representatives, institutions, and companies involved in the cooperating training.

The program takes place in:

  • Direct training in the training halls.
  • Online training (via the Internet).

The project stages:

  • Registration: It starts with the Launch of the program and registration form until the end of the last day of a training program before the final conference.
  • Initiative: the stage of effective training for individuals and institutions throughout Iraq and receiving initiatives from training institutions, sponsors, trainers, and others.
  • The Final: The program concludes in a closing forum to honor all the initiators who contributed to the program in the presence of most of the individuals and institutions that participated in the activities in the second stage (the initiative).

What does the Final conference include?

  • Honoring the trainers with the shield (Ambassador Initiative)
  • Honoring the sponsors and cooperating with the project.
  • Honoring the project team.
  • Trainers have been granted VIP benefits for trainers by the Kaizen Academy.
  • A free professional training program with training certificates.
  • Hotel accommodation in the governorate where the closing conference will be held.
  • The trainers were granted full training support for one year after the conference.
  • Announcing the winners of the training phase inside or outside Iraq.
  • Awarded the best trainer among the ambassadors in terms of points.


  • A free professional training program with certificates.
  • Accommodation in hotels in the governorate where the final conference will be held.

About the Kaizen Academy:

An international academy holding an international training license from the United Kingdom of Britain with distinguished cadres in the training world with accumulated training experiences where the academy was established for the need of the Arab and international community for intellectual incubation and embracing the energies of trainers and training centers of companies, institutions, specialized training teams and human development clubs and others.

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