Fully Funded Autumn School 2020 in Greece

Deadline : 31 Jul 2020

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Fully Funded Autumn School 2020 in Greece

Since 2018, European Academy of Neurology gives 60 neurologists in training (RRFS members) the chance to increase their knowledge of clinical neurology. The basic idea is to illustrate and showcase how experienced neurologists and sub-specialists approach specific clinical presentations, including an update on relevant diagnostic and treatment approaches for key conditions in the relevant areas. Hence, EAN organizes fully funded Autumn School for the professional neurologists. This year, EAN will hold the autumn school in Loutraki, Greece

Moreover, EAN has structured the course in plenary sessions for all participants in the morning and hands-on/interactive or case-based sessions in the afternoons (20 participants per course, rotating); including patient input where possible.

Potentially suitable patients willing to attend for afternoon sessions will be identified from the host country with the assistance of local neurologists/the national neurological society. Further, for local patients, language is not a barrier as the local neurologist will be able to translate where needed.

Fully Funded EAN Autumn School in Greece Covers

As the European Academy of Neurology Autumn school is fully funded, EAN covers the participants’ program accommodation, tuition as well as board. However, the EAN will not cover the participants travel.

However, the applicants may apply for the travel grant. Candidates will require to provide a short letter of intent, why the person wants to participate including why the travel grant is needed.

Who are eligible for EAN Autumn School in Loutraki, Greece?

To be eligible for a place at EAN Autumn School in Greece, the candidates must be:

All applicants must be Full member or RRFS member from EAN member countries at the time of application.

How to apply for the EAN Autumn School in Greece?

To complete the application, applicants must complete the application form and submit it via email for the Autumn School registration. Moreover, the email should constitute the following:


The deadline for the Fully Funded EANM Autumn School in Greece is 31 July 2020.

Provider: European Academy of Neurology

Contact provider: [email protected]

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