International Student Week 2024 in Romania

International Student Week 2024 in Romania

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International Student Week in Timișoara (ISWinT) is an international festival, dedicated to students from all the corners of the world. Moreover, the concept was created in 1994, and it started from the daring ideas of enthusiastic students who believed in unity, multiculturality and friendship. In addition, it grew bigger and bigger, this year reaching its 27th edition, always animated by a new team, new ideas and an ever increasing number of participants. What ISWinT keeps and passes on from a generation to another is the spirit, enthusiasm and motivation to make an unforgettable edition each year. Overall, during ISWinT, international cultural diversity takes over the city of Timișoara.

Furthermore, the workshops, which are the main activities for their participants, cover a lot of interest areas, varying from problems, faced by students worldwide to popular hobbies among youth.

The organising team consists entirely of students who are volunteers, who turn every ISWinT edition into an once-in-a-lifetime experience, that holds a special place in the minds and souls of the participants, organisers as well as everyone who directly or indirectly interacts with the ISWinT phenomenon.

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