Mars City Design Urban Farming Challenge 2020

Deadline : 15 Sep 2020

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Mars City Design Urban Farming Challenge 2020

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Applications call for Mars City Design Urban Farming for Extreme Environment Challenge 2020.

Mars City Design is urging us to live and consume more consciously by pursuing more sustainable living habits. The acquired skill set of how to live sustainably can then be used by our next generations to live on Mars. In the meantime, this would also provide Earth with the time necessary to regrow its natural resources and restore its balance. “The effort towards food sustainability on Earth can be enriched by hypothesizing about these complex issues on Mars”, said Thieme Hennis, who is a part of a group collaborating with MELiSSA (The Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative). “Space farming is a perfect lens toward sustainability on our planet… we’re exploring, and by doing that facilitating new solutions for the food crisis on Earth.”

The Challenge 

Design some food supply systems that can produce a variety of menus for a crew of 9 people living for 2 years on Mars. What kind of sustainable, remote-controlled, augmented, indoor/outdoor modular urban farming could it be, what is the Earth application to it?


Registration Fee

Who can participate?

This Mars City Design URBAN FARMING for EXTREME ENVIRONMENT competition is open to the public, teams, and individuals can submit their designs of a food supply system that can produce a variety of menus for a crew of 9 people living for 2 years on Mars. The winning designs are then subject to be developed and built in the California desert.

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Provider: Mars City Design

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