Cash Prize Up to 14,000 USD in Kaizhou New City Competition 2020

Deadline : 31 Aug 2020

Nonprofit organization: Kaizhou New City Competition

Specialities: Creative Arts and Design

Study level: Undergraduate

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Cash Prize Up to 14,000 USD in Kaizhou New City Competition 2020

Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition is not only an exploration to improve quality of urban public spaces, but also an exploration to find approaches of originality and artistic creativity. Taking the Central Park as the carrier as well as the reserved development plots and Renmin Canal as the design area, it is a good opportunity to rethink and look forward to future of the city from the ecological perspective.
The competition takes on a micro approach and small-scale intervention to a specific site directly, rather than the overall layout and macro strategy of Kaizhou New City. Meanwhile, it places an equal emphasis on design and social perspectives. With the design of urban structures to stimulate the city’s vitality through urban renewal/repair functions, smart health or sports facilities, intelligent urban furniture, interactive art installations, intelligent lighting and way-finding systems, competitors are also required to put forward corresponding operation concepts in later phases, propose new perspectives, new stages and new focus to enrich the daily life, in hopes of finally achieving the goal of livable city and natural harmony.

Design Principles:

  • Creativity: Create diverse and interesting places for citizens and tourists. Design should be original;
  • Locality: Project should be designed with a comprehensive consideration of local history, culture, and natural environment with its regional features highlighted;
  • Sustainability: The sustainability of materials and operation should be considered;
  • Feasibility: The selection of material and the form of construction should all be feasible;
  • People-orientation: Designs should fully consider diverse needs of different groups of people and provide citizens and tourists urban spaces for activities.

Design Category:

The competition focus on ecology and quality of life, as well as encourages innovation. Participants can select their own angles within design scope and draw up their own themes. The functions are not limited to:

  • Urban repair functions (Market, Public Toilet, Intelligent Sidewalk, Parking Lot, Snack Supply Station, Battery Car Stop, etc. in the Central Park)
  • Smart Urban Furniture (Digital Information Kiosk, Mail and Newspaper Kiosk, Cloud Cabinet, Courier Kiosk, Smart Bus Station, Smart Charging Station and Smart Trash Bin, etc.)
  • Health or Sports Facilities (Health and Fitness Facilities, Children Amusement Facilities, etc.)
  • Public Art Installations (Landscape Sculpture, Cultural Representation, Pavilions and Galleries, Verandas, Mountains and Rocks, Lamp Posts, Street Clocks, Public Seating and Trash Bins, etc.)
  • Small Individual Buildings (Watchtower, Tourist Center, Tea Room, Coffee Shop, Rest Pavilion, Restaurant and Gallery, etc. in the Central Park)

Participants can submit an independent work or a series of entries. Multiple entries are not accepted. The series works refer to the series of creations under the same theme, while production-oriented repetitive patchwork is discouraged.


The competition is open to international and national young designers, artists, teachers and students in school in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape and art design. Meanwhile, inter-professional and interdisciplinary practitioners are encouraged to participate. This is an open competition to the public, individual or team competitors are both accepted. Each team member is required to be under 40 years old. Each team can have no more than 5 members, and one team leader is assigned, with no more than 2 teachers as the instructors for students in school.


  • First Prize - (1 Team) Honor Certificate + Bouns 100,000 RMB (Around 14,000 USD, Before Tax)
  • Second Prize - (3 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bouns 30,000 RMB Each (Around 4,000 USD, Before Tax)
  • Third Prize - (8 Teams) Honor Certificate + Bouns 10,000 RMB Each (Around 1,400 USD, Before Tax)
  • Honorable Mentions (Several Teams) - Honor Certificate.

About Kaizhou New City:

Kaizhou New City, located in the east of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, covers two towns which are Jiqing and Xinglong, with administrative area of 200 square kilometers. The New City is completely placed in concept sequence of “Greater Chengdu” at geographical environment level, which has equipped the hardware basis for coordinated development with Chengdu and defined as the bridgehead for Deyang to be integrated into development axis of Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration.

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