Call for Green Ambassador for the Climate in Africa 2020

Call for Green Ambassador for the Climate in Africa 2020

Tunisia 31 Oct 2020
for9a Mina7

for9a Mina7

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31 Oct 2020
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Apply and become a GREEN AMBASSADOR for the climate in Africa and gain international recognition as a young climate and environment activist in Africa and join the Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO) Network to share ideas, learn, connect and act on the global imperative to fight climate change.


There are many, but, often not or little encouraged, valued and known in their countries and in Africa, these young people who inspire other young people and other members of their communities to act as agents of change in the face of change. climate, these young people who use their potential, their intellectual capacities and their mobilization capacities on sensitive issues such as those related to climate challenges and environmental protection, these young people who restore and ensure the best preservation of their forest heritage and ecological, these young people who promote the green economy by adopting behaviors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, these young people who demonstrate through their actions (individual or associative) that they have an important role in play in action against climate change, these young people who are often present and active during negotiations and climate meetings, these j young people who are on the ground and who carry out actions to adapt and mitigate climate change and who are committed to actively continuing to support their communities in the transition to highly resilient and low-carbon lifestyles by Africa.




Provider: Climate Change

Contact provider: [email protected]

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