GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards Competition, 2020

GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards Competition, 2020

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30 Sep 2020
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The Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development is a competitive research grant program under the Global Development Awards Competition 2020. The GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards Competition is administered by GDN, funded under the Policy and Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD) trust fund managed by the World Bank and generously supported by the Government of Japan.

This award program identifies and funds outstanding research proposals in developing and transition countries with high potential for excellence in research and clear policy implications for addressing development issues.

Three winning projects will receive a grant worth US$ 45,000. In light of current Covid-19 crisis and related travel limitations, the selection will be conducted Online.

Programme Details

  • Theme: Unpacking the health-environment economic well-being nexus.
  • Number of awards: 3.
  • Date: 7-18 December 2020 online.
  • Target group: Open to citizens of low-income or middle-income countries.

GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards Benefits

The first prize is US$ 30,000, the second and third Prizes are US$ 10,000 and US$ 5,000 respectively. The funds will be used to support the research work proposed by the winners towards the completion of their research. In addition, Travel and expenses for one representative from each three short-listed proposals will be covered by GDN.

GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards Eligibility

Applicants must satisfy eligibility criteria.

  1. Eligible countries for the ORD competition are those classified by the World Bank as low-income or middle-income countries. The competition is open only to researchers who are citizens or permanent residents of these countries.
  2. Citizens of eligible countries currently residing in a non-eligible country are only allowed to apply if they have been living in the non-eligible country for no more than five years as of 20 July 2020.
  3. The CVs for all team members must be included in the application. The CVs should clearly state the age of all team members, the citizenship for all team members and the country of residence for the past five years for all team members and the current institutional affiliation for all team members.
  4. The upper age limit for all applicants is 45 years as of 20 July 2020.
  5. The proposal should not be receiving or scheduled to receive funds from other sources to be eligible for consideration for the ORD unless it is clearly explained how the additional funds provided by the ORD would reinforce the existing funds for successful completion of the research.
  6. Similar proposals or papers resulting as products from full or partial GDN funded activities, cannot be submitted for this competition…

Competition Theme

Research proposals falling within the following macro-policy areas are welcome (this list is indicative but not exclusive):

  • Biodiversity Mainstreaming ;
  • Climate Change Adaptation ;
  • Valuation and Management of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services ;
  • Human-wildlife conflicts ;
  • Disaster Recovery ;
  • Extreme Poverty Alleviation ;
  • Ecological Transition.

Research projects can focus on local, national, regional or continental policy initiatives, and come from any discipline within the social sciences. Proposals can focus on ongoing policy initiatives, past ones, or initiatives currently being set up.

A direct link to the COVID-19 crisis is welcome, but not required. In light of the quickly changing scenario, proposals that integrate a focus on COVID-19 and related policy responses must explain how the quickly changing policy landscape is likely to impact the focus of the research.

Application instructions

Those who are interested in this program should click on the apply button below and follow instructions to submit their applications.

Please submit your application by . To know more about the GDN-PHRD Global Development Awards, please refer to the official page. To be the first to see latest opportunities, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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