Chance to Receive up to $100,000 of Investment and Acceleration from Oasis500

Chance to Receive up to $100,000 of Investment and Acceleration from Oasis500

Jordan 30 Sep 2020
Oasis 500

Oasis 500

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30 Sep 2020
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Oasis500 is now accepting submissions for investment opportunities, aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage company founders can apply to receive up to $100,000 of investment and acceleration. This is a hands-on 6-month acceleration program to support startups through technical supervision, mentorship, and networking, in addition to managerial services such as office space, and auditing support. As well as access to discounted services from partners.

This initiative comes directly from His Majesty King Abdullah II, with a hands-on initiative by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors who act as Oasis500's Board of Directors. Oasis500 objective is to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, capable of creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their own companies and be their own bosses, and subsequently raise the economy and create job opportunities.

Funding and Financial Support:

Oasis500 provides a shareholding investment. This means that Oasis500 owns a certain percentage of shares in return for the investment amount. 

Companies approved for investment, are awarded an initial seed investment which is up to $100K (divided into cash and in-kind services); depending on their individual status. Consequently, Oasis500 becomes an equity shareholder. Next to cash investment Oasis provides services that help the founders gain skills to help them develop with a stronger foundation. These services include training, mentorships, networking, among others.

Oasis500 provides the seed funding necessary to get the company going. However, Oasis500 may provide a follow-on fund up to $350K for it's portfolio startups and Oasis500 hold regular Angel Investor Events and venture capitalists.


  • Oasis500 invests in ideas and businesses in the Tech Industry.
  • The applicant's company doesn't have to be established before applying. If the applicant has researched the potential and feasibility of the idea, Oasis500 can help him refine his idea and business models to make it a successful business.
  • The typical age range of founders is 22 - 45 years old. However, Oasis500 definitely would consider younger and older applicants as well.
  • The fund is designed to support businesses set up in Jordan and can later on scale abroad.
  • Oasis500 invests in the team rather than the idea; a team that has the experience and capability of transforming the idea to a real business.

About Oasis500:

Oasis500 is the leading Pre-seed and seed investment company and business accelerator in MENA in the Technology and Creative sectors. Oasis500 helps in the growth of start-ups with entrepreneurship & business training, business incubation & acceleration, funding & investment, and mentorship.

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