Hack the Crisis Hackathon to Tackle the COVID-19 Crisis with $9,000 Award from TTi

Hack the Crisis Hackathon to Tackle the COVID-19 Crisis with $9,000 Award from TTi

Jordan 15 Nov 2020


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15 Nov 2020
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TTi organization invites people from different backgrounds to participate in the “Hack the Crisis” hackathon and build a unique solution to help Jordan move from the COVID-19 crisis containment phase to the crisis management phase. Hack the Crisis is a global movement that aims to encourage entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs, and who are interested to support the communities in fighting COVID19 by providing innovative ideas (technical and non-medical) for solving the emerging challenges in this uncertain time. Innovative solutions by individuals and startups to help the community adjust-to and manage the COVID-19 crisis and lessen the negative effects of the virus on the short and long terms.

Hackathon Tracks:

Logistics solutions:

Finding faster, more effective, and safer logistical solutions and supplies are the key to many industries, especially health and food. TTi is looking for innovative ideas in the areas of delivery, supplies, and logistics to solve the problems facing our community at the time of the Corona pandemic, Also, contribute to facilitating and providing services provided by suppliers to buyers, bridging the gap between manufacturers and health and food care institutions, and continuing with delivery services for goods and basic services to the community.

Infection control solutions (non-medical):

prevention is better than cure! Combating the spread of Coronavirus is a duty of community members and it is the key to breaking the chain of infection and preventing the spread. TTi is looking for innovative ideas and developing non-medical solutions that can help control or trace COVID-19 infection, increase awareness of using technology in easy ways for community members that can be used by everyone to alert individuals and institutions of the importance of adherence to health precautions, in addition to finding effective solutions to cases of public gatherings and alerting individuals about infected cases and hot spots. TTi is looking forward to finding safer solutions to maintain community dealings in protective ways for dealers that ensure their safety and non-transmission of infection, in addition to ideas that contribute to tracking cases of infection and alerting contacts and those around the infected cases.

Remote-employment solutions:

Finding solutions that connect institutions and their employees or link the job seekers with potential opportunities will contribute to supporting the wheel of development and economy in society in the time of the Corona pandemic. How can we create and develop practical and applicable solutions to address the challenges facing workers and job seekers in light of the conditions that companies and individuals have been exposed to as a result of the Corona pandemic, TTi is looking in this track to innovative ideas that ensure the continuation of the process of creating job opportunities for job seekers and supporting companies and Institutions in the process of working remotely and ensuring that they do not redeem employees, depending on the nature of their work. In addition to devising new ways to communicate remotely in a comfortable work environment that ensures the completion of the work as if it were done in the office.


Both individuals living in Jordan (including non-Jordanians) and startups based in Jordan can participate in this hackathon. 

Idea Eligibility:

  • Relevant to the general theme.
  • Relevant to at least one of the three focus tracks.
  • Applicable (in terms of feasibility, laws and regulations, usability, and testability).
  • Innovative.
  • Sustainable.


The best 10 ideas will join a 6 months incubation program to develop their ideas into startups and the best 3 ideas of each track will have the chance to receive $9,000 cash as a sub-grant.

About TTi:

TTi is a non-profit Jordanian organization, founded in 2010 with the mission of spreading Entrepreneurship and Innovation culture among youth and women living in disadvantaged communities. Since 2010, more than 6000 direct beneficiaries have been served through +50 projects implemented all over Jordan, including awareness, training-camps, mentoring, consultation, matchmaking, and early-stage incubation.

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