ION R&D Internship at Nokia in Belgium

ION R&D Internship at Nokia in Belgium

Belgium 30 Nov 2020
for9a Mina7

for9a Mina7

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30 Nov 2020
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Nokia calls application for Internship ION R&D at Nokia. The intern will join and responsible for ION R&D teams.

Basically, ION R&D teams in Antwerp are responsible for testing and delivering embedded software operating in a range of IP products responsible in keeping the networks in the world alive and operating 24×7. With the ever-expanding internet, the convergence of the Fixed and the Mobile world, the explosion of video-related services, the 5th generation of mobile communications, the growth of the number of IoT devices, Quality and feature richness of Nokia IP products is key in driving not only the telcos but also the end-user quality of experience.

Position Summary

As an ION R&D Internship at Nokia in Belgium candidate you would be:


Your area of interest could be the driving factor in the project you could or would have involvement in i.e. you have the possibility of making your own choices ranging from coding, debugging code errors, to full IP network setup and provisioning, data mining / use machine learning techniques to find efficient usage of test results (from software test) from big databases, innovate and make devices to make our departments day-to-day work more efficient. When it comes to coding and development assignments, the possibilities are tools development, automation, IoT, Web Interfaces, databases.


Requirements ION R&D Internship at Nokia in Belgium

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Provider: Nokia

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