Diana Award for Young Active Social Workers and the Opportunity to Attend the International Ceremony in the UK 2021

Diana Award for Young Active Social Workers and the Opportunity to Attend the International Ceremony in the UK 2021

United Kingdom 12 Mar 2021
The Diana Award

The Diana Award

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The Diana Award, which was established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, has announced the start of receiving nominations for the 2020 prize. The award is offered to young people aged 9-25 years who engage in social activities aimed at serving and developing the community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nominees must be aged between 9 and 25.
  • Nominees must have been carrying out their activities for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Nominators must know the young person in a professional capacity, i.e. teacher, youth worker. 
  • Nominations made by family members will not be accepted.
  • You cannot nominate yourself for a Diana Award.

Nominators are asked to submit evidence against five key criteria, designed to demonstrate the nominee’s impact on society as well as their own service journey. These criteria are:


  • Demonstrates commitment and passion to the cause evidenced through their service to that cause and through social action. (150 – 300-word count)
  • What selfless activities has your nominee undertaken and for what causes)? Include the specific activities you are nominating for e.g. forms of voluntary or fundraising work for charity, activism or campaigning, activities being carried out in school or online, or the type of care work being carried out in the community).
  • Why did your nominee decide to get involved in their chosen causes)? What sparked their interest to get involved in the first place? Why are they passionate about the cause?

Social Impact:

  • Creates positive social change that is of benefit to the wider community (150 - 300-word count)
  • Describe the impact your nominee's activities have had on the lives of others. Evidence this with facts. Examples of impact for different types of social action could include:
  • Fundraising - total amounts of funds raised for a cause and what the funds will be used for. Volunteering - relieving teacher's time in class through classroom assistance or providing assistance in a charity shop. Campaigning - numbers of people reached through the campaign and numbers of people who have taken action as a result of the campaign. Care work – improvements in quality of life for those that have been cared for.

Inspiring Others:

  • Through their positive attitude and passionate approach to life, they are role models to others. (150 - 300 words)
  • Describe how your nominee acts as a role model to others including their peers. Provide examples such as leading school assemblies, taking positions of leadership or responsibility, or situations where they have been looked up to by others.


  • Demonstrates how the young person has led, owned, and shaped the activities you are nominating them for (150 - 300 words)
  • How has the nominee taken ownership of their activities? Did they initiate their chosen activities on their own accord? If not or if they are part of an existing initiative, how have they gone over and above what would be expected of them or how have they shown ownership of their role?
  • How has your nominee engaged with their networks to ensure the success of their chosen activities? How have they worked with their school, youth group, teachers, businesses or any other person or group that may have been able to support their activities?

Service Journey:

  • Evidence of transformation throughout the nominee's service journey, including attitude, skills gained and challenges overcome. (150 - 300 words)
  • What has been the benefit to the nominee as a direct result of taking part in the activity you are nominating them for? Include any skills gained such as teamwork from working as part of a group or empathy gained as well as any improvement in future prospects such as relevant career experience or relationships developed with businesses and other organizations.
  • Detail the personal challenges that the nominee has faced and overcome as well as the skills and personal qualities they developed to achieve success.


Successful UK based nominees will be invited to attend an Award Ceremony near their local area, where their achievement will be celebrated alongside their peers.


Successful international nominees will be celebrated virtually on our International Ceremony Day which takes place on International #YouthDay on 12th August 2021.


Both UK based and international recipients of The Diana Award are also eligible for The Legacy Award, which takes place on a biennial basis. The next Legacy Award ceremony will take place in 2021.


  • Diana Award Nominations close on 12th March 2021 at 23:59.
  • All nominators will be contacted by the end of May 2021 with the result of their Diana Award Nomination.
  • UK Diana Award recipients will be invited to attend an UK Award Ceremony in their local area in either June/July 2021.
  • International Diana Award recipients will be celebrated virtually on International Ceremony Day, taking place on 12th August each year, coinciding with International Youth Day.
  • The 2021 Diana Award Roll of Honor will be announced on 1st July 2021, Princess Diana’s birthday. All award certificates will be mailed to those who have not yet received them.
  • The next Legacy Award Ceremony will take place in 2021.

About the Diana Award:

The only charity set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people have the power to change the world. It’s a big mission but there are two things within it that they focus our charity’s efforts on – young people and change. Throughout all of their programs and initiatives ‘change’ for and by young people is central, and their flagship Award program recognizes the young people driving selfless change across the world.

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