Paid Technical Sales Assistant Internship for Tunisians in Greece by ErasmusIntern in Spain or Sweden
Erasmus Intern

Paid Technical Sales Assistant Internship for Tunisians in Greece by ErasmusIntern in Spain or Sweden

Greece 07 Jan 2021


يعد Erasmus Intern جزءًا من مشروع STORY وهو مشروع من شبكة الطلاب Erasmus (ESN). ESN هي منظمة طلابية دولية غير هادفة للربح وتتمثل مهمتها في تمثيل الطلاب الدوليين من خلال توفير فرص التفاهم الثقافي وال

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07 Jan 2021
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Erasmus Intern is offering an internship opportunity for Tunisians in Athens, Greece, to work as a technical sales assistant.

Internship duration and working hours:

Full-time for three months. 

Necessary qualifications:

  • Excellent English language skills both written and orally (proficient User C1)
  • Good copywriting skills
  • Adequate knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Familiarization with internet concepts and technologies (API, XML, JSON, FTP etc)
  • Professional, methodical attitude
  • Ability to operate autonomously and by taking ownership
  • Prior experience in sales and communication

Optional Qualifications:

  • Basic knowledge of operating ecommerce software (eg anything form Wordpress, Magento, Shopify or equivalent)
  • Basic knowledge of image editing software (eg Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Basic knowledge of CRM software
  • Basic familiarity with accounting and commercial operations

Internship duties:

  • Contribution to understand and document the requirements of clients and leads
  • Communication with clients and leads via email, phone and live chat for clarifications and support
  • Updating and evolving our CRM
  • Contribution to the preparatory work required before a lead can become a client (eg data entry, account configuration, customization, etc)
  • Combination of existing tools to cover the needs of clients and leads.
  • Communication with existing clients to explore needs and identify upsell opportunities
  • Generate additional channels to attract new leads and clients
  • Creation of supportive material (text, case studies, videos, etc)
  • Contribution to the sales funnel optimization

Benefits offered:

  1. Financial compensation
  2. Acquiring practical and directly marketable knowledge and experience
  1.  Support and guidance from the Megaventory Team towards the successful completion of internship
  2. Collaboration with other professionals in the field and networking
  3. Experience in collaboration with companies from around the world
  4. Use of modern tools and methodologies
  5. Relaxed working hours with emphasis on results rather than on formal work
  6. Obvious and immediate impact of the work done on the entire customer base
  7. Work in a pleasant and professional environment in the most beautiful country in the world :)
  8. The prospect of further cooperation beyond the internship timeframe

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